Daniel Craig Hosted Saturday Night Live

Daniel Craig is a serious actor. Rarely have we seen the James Bond franchise star tackle anything comedic, and the last time he got this goofy was the first time he hosted Saturday Night Live was back in the fall of 2012. Thankfully, even in the face of the delay of No Time to Die and the spread of coronavirus around the globe, when Daniel Craig hosted SNL again this weekend, he was ready to cut loose by being truly hysterical.

Below, we run through the best and worst sketches in the new SNL hosted by Daniel Craig, which include him revealing a No Time to Die sneak peek clip, testing out some alternate Knives Out accents, and playing a deep cut movie quote game. Seriously, some of the things that spilled out of Craig’s mouth from these sketches and more were made exponentially more funny by the simple fact that it was Craig who said them. Watch and enjoy!

The Best

Accent Coach – Whenever Beck Bennett gets to play a truly weird character, I’m almost always on board. In this case, it’s Daniel Craig’s accent coach helping the actor get ready to play Benoit Blanc in Knives Out. It wasn’t always the deep fried accent we heard in the movie. Instead, there were several other Southern accents explored, and the only way to really explore them was to talk about the troubles Georgians face, like hot butts. Daniel Craig is incredible in this sketch, and he says the words “steamy jeans.” It gets a little overshadowed by the previous line, but it had me cracking up. And that ending takes it to another level.

Salad – This is purely a 10-to-1 weirdo sketch. What the hell is Aidy Bryant doing here? What is this salad she’s making? Mayonnaise, hot dogs, Fritos, lettuce, and more nonsensical ingredients cooked on a radiator? It’s the clash of the ludicrous nature of this salad and the cheery, vibrant and vintage style of the song that makes this so oddly hilarious. Making it even better is Daniel Craig’s absolutely enraged reaction to how disgusting this salad turned out. The real acting he puts into this silly sketch puts it over the top. It’s just so great.

Daytime Show – Ego Nwodim hasn’t gotten a lot of chances to breakout, though she did recently have a great Weekend Update bit this season. But she’s so damn funny in this sketch. The focus on such an innocent detail and the ongoing affronted reaction she has is comedy gold. Daniel Craig’s continued nervous reaction to the situation sweetens the deal, and I love that the sketch takes a turn into being ridiculous by having Nwodim’s character have no idea how to eat gum.

Deep Quote Game Night – Heidi Gardner has proven to be a whiz when it comes to crafting recurring characters, but she’s also skilled when it comes to becoming characters that are subtly funny. In this case, she’s this movie nerd who speaks in an odd sort of cadence and voice, with an almost subdued excitement about playing a movie quote game. Even as she gets more impressed by Daniel Craig’s movie quote skills, she keeps it from going over the top. Meanwhile, Daniel Craig’s flirtation and perceived arousal at finding another deep movie quote partner is played so genuinely. And again, Craig saying something a line referring to himself as “only the biggest Flick Daddy you’ll ever meet in your whole life” makes the entire sketch even better.

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