Colin Trevorrow Jurassic World Follow-up

My interview with Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow continues below:

Peter Sciretta: As for the foundations, there is the park itself but there’s obviously some things that escape this movie, which are cleverly planted to set up sequels. And I like you didn’t do the thing that a lot of rebooted franchises do where it leaves it with like this cliffhanger and it feels like it’s a setup for more. It happens like three-fourths of the way into the movie. And then there’s a lot more and you almost forget about it.

Colin Trevorrow: Right.

Peter Sciretta: But how did that come about?

Colin Trevorrow: It’s somewhat a plot based setup for the future. And that matters to a certain extent. But if we hadn’t done that, you could easily manufacture that. You know, in a second film. So I find it actually the least functional setup for the future of everything that we do. There are themes and ideas in here that we’re setting up, such as the coexistence of these animals on the planet with humans. In the same way that we exist with animals now. And  imagine a world where just like, you know, don’t go into that jungle, there’s tigers in there. They’re gonna eat you. Just replace that with raptors. And I think we set up ideas in here. One of them, the one we address the most is the weaponization of dinosaurs and the fact that animals have been used in war for centuries. And there are people with completely bonkers ideas that are always gonna step in and wonder how else we can utilize a new technology. And also in this there was a line in the movie that I cut. And sometimes I wonder if I should have, but I needed the scene to move in a certain way. But there was a line where Doctor Wu says to Irrfan Khan or B.D. Wong says to Irrfan Khan, you know, how long do you think you’re gonna be able to control her? We won’t always be the only ones who can make a dinosaur. And that idea to me has a lot of potential in it that like nuclear power there could be a something that goes open source and there could be many entities who might have this ability to create these things and use them for various needs and purposes. So there’s potential in there. For something.

Jurassic World Frank Marshall

I talked to Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall last Monday (June 8th 2015) and asked him about the seeds planted for Jurassic World 2 and further sequels and he told me the following:

Well they were pretty general in that we leave the door open to have further chapters in the story.  What’s funny is I’m on my way to have lunch with the studio and Colin to talk about a sequel.  Like now.

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