Chance the Rapper Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Come Back, Barack – Man, I want to like this sketch so much more. It’s s perfect parody of R&B music videos from the 1990s, but it feels held back by the fact that Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd can’t really carry much of a tune to match up with Chance the Rapper. This sketch really could have benefited from having some stronger singers. Even so, this is quite the funny (and depressing) shout out to former President Barack Obama.

Porn Pizza Delivery – Honestly, I’m surprised we don’t see this character more. Parodying a porn with a cliche premise is an easy set-up, and Aidy Bryant’s naivete is always good for a laugh as the little girl who somehow always finds herself on the set of porno movies. Heidi Gardner is the standout here though, absolutely nailing the trashy porn star pretending to be a teenager, not that I’ve ever seen a porn like that or anything. Moving on…

Sports Announcer – While the premise of this sketch feels a bit stale because of how easy it is to act like you don’t understand a sport, Chance the Rapper helps elevate it to being rather amusing. He’s so earnest in his clueless nature about the sport that you can’t help but laugh here and there.

The Worst

Rap History – Honestly, this episode is so good that this sketch probably could have ended up in The Average section. The production value is impressive, and cameos from Common and Questlove are a nice touch. It’s nice to see Pete Davidson do a goofy character. But even so, this one just felt like it had something missing. While it was successful in parodying other music documentary specials, it wasn’t ever all that hilarious. Maybe it’s because Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping just did this so much better

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