Chadwick Boseman Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

At the very least, Colin Jost and Michael Che were mostly on top of their game. The one-liners recapping the week’s headlines were top notch and skewered Donald Trump better than the cold open sketch did. That’s really how Donald Trump should be approached from now on since any sketch with him appearing as a character has consistently been underwhelming.

Mark Zuckerberg on Cambridge Analytica – Alex Moffat does some great things on Weekend Update and I’m torn on whether this will be one of them. He’s not exactly doing a great impression of Mark Zuckerberg, but he still does some funny things here, especially that high-ptiched scream laugh, but otherwise, it’s nothing to write home about.

Angel on the Royal Wedding – I’m not entirely sure why this character by Heidi Gardner is a recurring one on Weekend Update. Her performance in this role is great, and she nails the tropes of every wife in a boxing movie, but using the character in this way feels contrived and takes away from the humor of it. It’s not that this instance was unfunny, it just felt forced. There has to be a better way to utilize such a great character.

The Host

Chadwick Boseman has plenty of charisma to spare, but it appears that comedy (especially live) may not be one of his strong suits. Boseman certainly did his best on the show, but he couldn’t help but feel consistently unnatural while reading cue cards, which made the timing of some jokes fall flat. Plus, it also messed with the pacing of several sketches. But the strangest thing is that Boseman seems to have trouble doing different voices, occasionally even drifting into his Wakandan accent throughout the evening.


Saturday Night Live - Aidy Bryant

Aidy Bryant – No one really had a great show this weekend, but Aidy Bryant certainly came close. She’s hilarious in the Nike advertisement parody, and even though the sketch as hole wasn’t downright hilarious, Bryant is fantastic in her team-up with Cardi B. It’s just a shame the episode overall wasn’t better to give her more to do this time.

The Final Word

This episode was supremely disappointing. Not only did it waste Chadwick Boseman, but it was a huge missed opportunity for the writers and cast of SNL to show off to everyone who was tuning in simply because Chadwick Boseman was hosting after the success of Black Panther. Instead of bringing in new viewers who might reconsider the fact that SNL is still funny, and usually consistently so, this episode serves as fuel for general audiences to void tuning in because they think every episode is going to be like this.

Anyway, here’s hoping the cast and crew return to form when their old friend John Mulaney hosts on April 14.

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