last and first men

Jóhann Jóhannson died in 2018, but as one of the most celebrated composers in Hollywood, he left behind a legacy and a body of work that included scores for Prisoners, The Theory of Everything, Sicario, Arrival, Mandy, Mary Magdalene, and more. Now there’s one more element being added to that legacy: Jóhansson’s feature directorial debut, Last and First Men. While no wide release date has been announced yet, the movie will play at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, giving fans one last chance to see a new work from the talented artist and to hear his final score, as well. Read More »

Lost Girls Trailer

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival kicks off next week, and while there will be plenty of new indie movies that you’ll have to wait several months to see in theaters, some of them will be available for you to watch sooner than you think. One of them will be Lost Girls, a new thriller inspired by Robert Kolker’s best-selling true story of the same name that finds a mother (Oscar nominee Amy Ryan) searching for her missing daughter, only to uncover a sex trafficking ring that has taken many more girls, and is seemingly of no consequence to the police department that is supposedly on the case. Watch the first Lost Girls trailer below for more. Read More »

Spike Lee Cannes

Spike Lee is about to make history as the first African-American to serve as jury president for the Cannes Film Festival. Lee had seven films premiere at the fest in the past, and will now preside over the 73rd annual Cannes Film Festival taking place from May 12-23, 2020. In other, not-so-great film festival news: the China Independent Film Festival has announced that it’s shuttering because it’s become “impossible” to continue in the country’s current political climate.

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A Dispatch from Canada’s Whistler Film Festival

Whistler Film Festival

For nineteen years, the Whistler Film Festival has been a mountainside home for some of the best award-winning and independent cinema in the world. What started off as a small gathering has evolved in size, shifting from a place where the massive Vancouver film community would annually attend splashy parties and revel in sponsored swag rooms and habitually take over some of the village’s fanciest restaurants to something smaller in scale. With shifting economic realities and a shifting community, the current iteration is far more intimate, with a strong contingent of exceptional filmmakers refocusing the festival on the films themselves. Read More »

Sundance 2020 Feature Titles Announced

sundance 2020 titles

It’s hard to believe that the next Sundance Film Festival is almost upon us, but here we are! Today, the first Sundance 2020 feature titles were announced, featuring “118 feature-length films, representing 27 countries and 44 first-time feature filmmakers.” More titles are forthcoming, but for now you’ll have plenty to comb through. See the line-up below.

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Notes From the 2019 Los Cabos International Film Festival

Does it make sense to fly to a tropical paradise and spend your time inside watching movies? Well, it helps if you’re invited to once again cover the Los Cabos International Film Festival, a jewel of Mexico’s fest slate located the tip of the Baja peninsula, home to some of the greatest films of the year making their local debut amongst the sand and palm trees. 

Founded back in 2012 as a showcase for the growing tourist destination, wanting a mix of Miami and Cannes that’s a quick flight for the Hollywood elite, the festival is really split into two major parts. One, at the more palatial Hotel Me and other locales, is home to producers, funders and filmmakers using their time here to do what comes naturally – eating, drinking and talking, often during the many gatherings and adventures organized for the premiere lot. For those here to see (rather than make) films there are the opening and closing galas, of course, but the majority of time is spent in a multiplex located at the Marina’s fashion mall. With dozens of locals, including many school children who attend as part of organized assignments, we watch everything from world premieres to hits from the film circuit, drawn by the intelligent and sympathetic programmers from Sundance, Cannes, TIFF and other A-list stops on the calendar.

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knives out review

The game’s afoot and everyone’s a suspect in Knives Out, Rian Johnson‘s deliriously funny whodunit. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have trying to solve a murder. Gathering together a killer cast of movie stars and character actors, Johnson has crafted a film that’s both a loving homage to locked room mysteries and a giddy, laugh-out-loud funny comedy that keeps pulling the rug out from under you just when you think you’ve found your footing. It’s a total blast.

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Hala Trailer

Apple TV+ may have just launched with a small collection of original TV shows to try out, but they’re wasting no time releasing some lower key dramas into theaters before sending them to their streaming library as the year winds down. This week brought the first trailer for The Banker starring Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie, and now we have the trailer for Hala, an acquisition Apple made after the movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival at the beginning of this year.

Hala follows Blockers star Geraldine Viswanathan as a 17-year old Pakistani-American girl who is having difficulty balancing her contemporary American life with her Pakistani cultural and religious obligations being thrust upon her by family. It’s the typical coming of age drama that you expect to see at Sundance, but it still looks quite good. Watch the Hala trailer below. Read More »

First Cow Review

Her films might not blare “it’s the economy, stupid,” but make no bones about it – Kelly Reichardt’s cinema frequently obsesses over how the mechanics of commercial arrangements affect interpersonal relationships. Though micro in scale, her films are macro in mindset. Her latest look at the subject, First Cow, goes all the way back to the fledgling days of American capitalism. The film finds an effective and ultimately touching contrast between the friendships born of enterprising businessmen and the ruthlessness of competing with entrenched elites.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The Vice Guide to Bigfoot

Even if you don’t watch Vice, you’re certainly familiar with the company’s style of journalism: a hipster-looking journalist ventures into sometimes dangerous, sometimes goofy territory to get a story that Vice thinks needs to be told. That style has been prominently lampooned before in an episode IFC’s Documentary Now! (this clip of Jack Black saying the word “dronez” is a good example), but now a new movie called The Vice Guide to Bigfoot is taking things to the next level.

/Film is happy to present two brand new posters for the movie, so check those out below (along with a trailer) before the film hits the festival circuit later this week.  Read More »