empire strikes back 4k re-release

Disney is rolling back plans to release a 4K edition of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in U.K. theaters. The company announced three weeks ago that it would re-release the remastered 4K edition of the acclaimed Star Wars film to help boost attendance at U.K. theaters. But amid delays of major releases and theaters pushing back their reopening plans, Disney has scrapped those plans. Read More »

Walmart Drive-in

Growing up as a teenager in the South, I had a few friends who would occasionally congregate in the local Walmart parking lot, because sometimes it didn’t feel like there was anywhere else to go or anything better to do. Now 160 Walmart parking lots across the country will become gathering places for folks who are desperate to get of their houses during the pandemic.

Walmart is teaming up with Tribeca Enterprises to launch a touring Walmart drive-in screening series that will temporarily convert parking lots into contact-free drive-in theaters. Get the details below.
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ghibli museum virtual tour

The awe-inspiring worlds of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki have always been a little hard to access, especially for those who aren’t living in Japan (or who didn’t collect all the DVDs back when they were released in the early 2000s). But 2020 and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic bring them a little closer to the rest of the world. Following the addition of all of Ghibli’s catalog to HBO Max, the Ghibli Museum is giving the internet a rare peek inside its foliage-covered doors with a virtual tour hosted on its YouTube channel.

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Cinemark Movie Theaters Reopening

AMC Theatres and Regal both found themselves reversing course on face masks in recent weeks, following outcry about their initial lax reopening policies. Now Cinemark is following in the footsteps of its fellow big movie theater chains. Cinemark will now require all guests to wear face masks throughout its theaters when the exhibitor begins its phased reopening starting July 24.

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amazon's a night at the drive-in

Black Panther and Creed star Michael B. Jordan, an outspoken proponent of racial justice in Hollywood since long before the current wave of protests supporting Black Lives Matter swept the globe, has teamed up with Amazon Studios to launch A Night at the Drive-In, “a nationwide summer screening series featuring a wide selection of films celebrating multi-cultural voices in cinema.” The screening series will be completely free, and consist of double features. Find out which movies are playing, and where you can see them, below. Read More »

regal cinemas re-opening

Regal Cinemas is bring back some of your old favorites to bring audiences back to theaters. With studios playing chicken over who will open first July, by which time most theater chains expect to be almost 100% open, there aren’t many new movies to play in the theaters that are slowly opening across the nation. So Regal Cinemas is re-releasing beloved classics like The Empire Strikes Back, Jurassic Park, and The Lord of the Rings to attract audiences back to its locations.

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drafthouse safety

When the CEO of AMC Theatres announced last week that, despite an ongoing global pandemic, he wouldn’t require AMC visitors to wear masks because he didn’t want to be “drawn into a political controversy,” the leadership behind Alamo Drafthouse theaters immediately took a stand. Alamo issued a statement promising that masks would be required in their theaters, and promised more details would be revealed about their policies this week. (AMC eventually reversed its mask policy.)

Today, Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League says he wants to make the act of visiting one of their theaters “one of the safest possible indoor activities” – specifically, he said they’re aiming to make every visit to a Drafthouse “safer than a supermarket.” Read More »

Regal Cinemas reopening

Update: After AMC Theatres reversed course regarding patrons wearing masks, Regal Cinemas has also announced that it will require guests to wear masks when its theaters reopen next month. “As related to our employees, guests will also be required to wear masks,” they said in a statement. “Disposable masks will be made available as needed.” Our original article from June 16, 2020 follows.

Movie theaters have been shuttered across much of the United States for months, but for better or worse, many of them are going to be reopening next month. Regal Cinemas has announced that it will begin reopening its locations on July 10, 2020, but if you live in a state or city where masks aren’t required in public places because of the coronavirus pandemic, don’t expect people to be wearing any face coverings in the auditorium with you.

Read the list of health and safety precautions that Regal is implementing below.
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Sam Raimi‘s 1981 independent horror classic The Evil Dead was billed as “the ultimate experience in grueling terror,” and now you can get scared all over again in the comfort of your own vehicle.

The Evil Dead is returning to drive-in theaters across the United States, beginning this Saturday in Westbrook, Maine. Get the details below. Read More »

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regal cinemas reopening

As we approach the two and a half months of quarantine from the coronavirus pandemic, we’re waiting to see whether Christopher Nolan’s Tenet can shoulder a burden no other film has had to carry in the modern era: can this one film save movie theaters from oblivion? The action thriller is currently slated to open in July, and while AMC has promised to open its doors in time, one of its biggest theatrical competitors, Regal Cinemas, has not yet made that same commitment.
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