MoviePass fundraising

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about how MoviePass’ parent company might have to raise more than $1.2 billion for the movie ticket subscription service to become profitable, and we had a few goofy suggestions for how they could raise that cash. But it looks like MoviePass isn’t going down without a fight, because this week their parent company actually took steps toward raising that ridiculous sum of money in an effort to stay alive.

Read more about the MoviePass fundraising below, and discover how most of that money will be used over the next few years. Read More »

New Beverly reopening

Here’s some good news for movie lovers in Los Angeles. The New Beverly Cinema, the revival theatre owned and programmed by director Quentin Tarantino, is planning to open its doors again by the end of this year. Read the latest update below. Read More »

MoviePass troubles

Another day, another dent in MoviePass’s armor.

The movie theater subscription service’s parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics, has launched a $164 million bond sale in an attempt to stay alive, and a new report says they could need more than $1.2 billion (!) of additional capital to maintain MoviePass’s growth and eventually become profitable. Below, we have a few fool-proof suggestions for how they can raise that money. Read More »

Sinemia Cardless

MoviePass is currently the king of movie ticket subscription companies, but their reign may not last forever. Sinemia is their chief competitor at the moment, and we recently wrote about how Sinemia is having trouble keeping up with demand for their services and that they’re experiencing some of the same growing pains that MoviePass was feeling last year.

But instead of just shrugging and sacrificing customer service altogether, Sinemia actually seems to be doing something to fix their problems. Today, the company unveiled Sinemia Cardless, a new feature that allows their customers to reserve tickets online even if their membership card hasn’t arrived yet.  Read More »

Sinemia Movie

Earlier this week, we wrote about how movie ticket subscription service Sinemia seemed to be taking advantage of MoviePass’s recent struggles by unveiling a series of new plans aimed at couples and friends who want to go to the movies together. But things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows at Sinemia headquarters, because a new report shows that they’re having trouble keeping up with heavy demand. New users aren’t receiving their membership cards in a timely fashion – sounds familiar, right? Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Cannes feud

A battle between Netflix and France’s Cannes Film Festival has been raging since 2017, but are we finally seeing the first signs of a possible peace between the two entities?

Earlier this week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings admitted that Netflix “made mistakes” during the streaming service’s tussle with the prestigious French film festival, marking the first time that anyone on either side has blinked in this particular staring contest. Read Hastings’ full comment about Netflix’s Cannes feud below. Read More »

MoviePass monthly plan

Thousands of subscribers flocked to MoviePass when it drastically dropped its prices last year and offered what seemed like an impossibly good deal: one movie per day for $9.95 a month. But nearly a year after the ticket-buying service began offering that popular MoviePass monthly plan, it seemed like that miraculous deal was dead. The company recently removed its “one movie a day” option, offering new users four movies a month instead — along with free iHeartRadio access. Naturally, this sparked a major uproar and more grumblings about MoviePass’s questionable business strategy.

Now, a few weeks later, MoviePass is reverting to its superior “one movie a day” plan. Sorry, iHeartRadio fans.

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Moviepass package

MoviePass, the subscription service that allows subscribers to see one movie per day in theaters for a monthly cost of $9.95, may be drastically changing its offerings to new users. The company’s CEO recently spoke to an interviewer at CinemaCon, and one of his comments has sparked speculation that the popular “one movie per day” MoviePass package may not be offered again. Read More »


During 20th Century Fox’s presentation at CinemaCon this morning in Las Vegas, the studio announced that they’re licensing something called CtrlMovie, an interactive technology that gives audiences “the opportunity to interact and collaborate with a story in a brand new way, actually allowing them to choose what happens next and see the consequences of those choices play out on the big screen.” The studio is developing a Choose Your Own Adventure movie that will use that technology. Read more about it below. Read More »

Atom Tickets app

MoviePass has been dominating the conversation about the theatrical experience for months, but there are a couple other players in the theatrical space who are trying to make some waves of their own. The Atom Tickets app has introduced some new functionality: the ability to pre-purchase concessions online before you arrive at the theater. Meanwhile, Fandango has debuted a robust new rewards program. Free stuff, eh? I’m listening… Read More »