Denis Villeneuve HBO Max

“Warner Bros. might have just killed the Dune franchise.”

Denis Villeneuve, the filmmaker behind the mega-budgeted movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel, does not mince words in a new editorial published by Variety. After being blindsided by the news that Warner Bros. is releasing its entire 2021 slate of films (including Dune) in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously, Villeneuve blasted the studio’s parent company in this new editorial, saying, “AT&T has hijacked one of the most respectable and important studios in film history.”

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hbo max premiere dates

Everyone and their agent is mad at WarnerMedia. Following the company’s game-changing announcement that it would be releasing the entire Warner Bros. 2021 slate to HBO Max day-and-date, producing partners, talent, and agents were left reeling — most of them having been informed of the move just two hours before it was announced to the public. And while much has been said about how this decision could impact theaters, things are even messier behind the scenes, where agents are scrambling to get their talent the proper pay, and production companies are wondering if they’ll get the money they’re owed.

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legendary warner bros.

Godzilla vs. Kong or Legendary vs. Warner Bros. — which one has the potential to be the biggest stand-off of 2021? Either way, Legendary Entertainment will be involved in some legal capacity. The production company behind upcoming tentpoles Godzilla vs. Kong and Dune was notably blindsided by Warner Bros.’ decision to give a day-and-date debut to its entire 2021 theatrical slate on HBO Max. Legendary was unhappy with the decision, especially since they were reportedly only notified of the choice on the day of Warner Bros.’ game-changing announcement.

They may even take legal action against the company to prevent the HBO Max releases of Godzilla vs. Kong and Dune, according to a new report.

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AMC Social Distancing Protocols

The entire theatrical landscape shifted yesterday when Warner Bros. announced that it would be releasing its entire 2021 theatrical slate day-and-date in theaters and on HBO Max. The film world was left reeling by this game-changing decision, most of all theater exhibitors — many of whom received a heads up only an hour before Warner Bros. broke the news. Smaller exhibitors learned only seven minutes prior to the bombshell.

So naturally, they’re all a little miffed by the decision, which many are saying could spell the end of movie theaters. Now AMC Theatres, the largest theater exhibition chain in the U.S., has issued a response slamming WarnerMedia and its intent to “sacrifice a considerable portion of the profitability of its movie studio division.”

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Warner Bros 2021

Whoa. In what has to be the biggest movie news story of the year, Warner Bros. has just announced that it will premiere its entire 2021 slate of films theatrically and simultaneously on HBO Max.

This game-changing decision means HBO Max subscribers will be able to see every film from the studio without paying an extra dime, and more importantly, without leaving the safety of their homes during an ongoing public health crisis. (At least for the first month of these releases). Read on for a full list of titles that will be included in this new deal, including The Suicide Squad, Dune, The Matrix 4, and tons more. Read More »

Wonder Woman 1984 release date

Last week, WarnerMedia made the surprising and unprecedented decision to release Patty Jenkins‘ highly anticipated superhero sequel Wonder Woman 1984 into theaters on Christmas Day and also simultaneously release it on HBO Max in the United States. (I say “unprecedented” because this is the first time a mega-budgeted superhero film will be put straight onto a streaming service and subscribers will not be charged extra to watch it.)

But when will you get to see the movie if you’re not in the U.S.? And if you are in the States, exactly how long will you need to be on guard to dodge spoilers? Check out a list of the international Wonder Woman 1984 release dates below.
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Universal Cinemark deal

Several months after Universal Filmed Entertainment Group signed a deal with AMC Theatres, the company has now signed a separate deal with Cinemark Theatres with a different set of details giving movies a shortened theatrical window. Here’s what you need to know. Read More »

future of theaters

What does the future of theaters look like? That has been one of the resounding questions since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shuttered cinemas around the globe, with major markets in the U.S. still closed down amid surging cases across the country. According to AT&T CEO John Stankey, it’s not looking great. The chief of the WarnerMedia parent company spoke about the future of movie exhibitors in an investor conference call, painting a pretty grim picture for movie theaters through at least early 2021.

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AMC Social Distancing Protocols

Can movie theaters survive the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic? With the fall/winter movie season  effectively out for the count after major studios pushed back their big releases to 2021 and state governments keeping major markets like Los Angeles and New York closed, movie exhibitors are struggling to stay afloat. Studios like Universal have reached a compromise with AMC Theaters by striking a VOD window release, but is that enough to keep theater chains from sinking?

Probably not. For theaters to truly survive, the movie industry may need to go back to the Classic Hollywood model of studios owning stakes in exhibitors. But major studios like Warner Bros. and Universal don’t have any plans to buy out movie theaters any time soon.

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theater updates

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