Earth, Wind & Fire Is the Greatest Band of All Time

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, there was a nice moment when Sam Wilson recommended the Trouble Man soundtrack as something that Steve Rogers needed to go out of his way to check out in an effort to catch up with the times. So does he have any suggestions for Cap this time around? Sadly, that doesn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean Mackie isn’t still recommending music to Chris Evans, who he says has very weird taste in music:

He’s an interesting guy, that Chris Evans. I’ve tried to help him understand… the greatest band in music history, pound for pound, they invented the crescendo… Earth, Wind & Fire. I don’t care what nobody says, I’ve never been sitting on my couch and was like, ‘Man! Put on that Doobie Brothers CD!’ Never happened. And I love the Doobie Brothers, alright? Never happened, alright?

Earth, Wind & Fire is the greatest band of all time. If you don’t believe it and have iTunes I will give you forty bucks. Download forty songs and it’ll blow your mind. Blow your mind, alright? Greatest songwriter of all time, pound for pound, I don’t care what nobody says… I don’t care about his children… Lionel Richie. I don’t care what nobody say. I don’t care. I never was on my couch and was like, ‘Man! Barry Manilow made me cry!’ Never happened. Lionel Richie. Earth, Wind & Fire. That’s it.

In our interview with Chris Evans, as he was leaving our little press room, he jested about Mackie’s favorite Beatles song, clearly indicating where his musical allegiances lie. And Anthony Mackie just doesn’t get it:

It confuses the shit outta me! How do you… It’s Lionel Richie. I guarantee you, I put on ‘Say You Say Me’ you’re going to say ‘Damn. I need to text her right now.’ I guarantee you! If I put on Dancing On The Ceiling you’re going to go, ‘Shit. Ugggggghhh.’ Because all you’re going to want to do is ‘Whooo!’ Fuck that. Lionel Richie.

You can’t get a girl with Lionel Richie? You a loser. All of my high school years, every time I wrote a girl a note it was literally sixteen bars of Lionel Richie and then I would sign it ‘Anthony Mackie.’ She would be, ‘Oh, my God. You’re such a poet.’ I said, ‘I know, baby. I know. So cultured. I’m a poet. I’m just a renaissance man in my heart. I can build shelves and I can write poetry.’

I think it goes without saying that this is one of the best set visit interviews I’ve ever had. Anthony Mackie is just hilarious and genuine. We could have talked to him for hours. But Mackie is a busy guy, and he wouldn’t mind getting busier in the future if someone asked him to become Captain America — something that Falcon eventually does in the comic books.

Falcon as the Next Captain America?

At one time, Anthony Mackie said that he couldn’t see Falcon as Captain America in the Marvel cinematic universe, but when we asked about his feelings nowadays, he seems to have changed his tune:

No, no, no. I definitely see him as Cap. I mean, I have the comic books. It’s more… I really enjoy coming to work with the people I work with and I’d rather be in a great movie with a bunch of cool people than a standalone superhero movie with just me standing there looking like a fucking idiot.

I mean, not too many people can say they love what they do and they really like the people they work with. I mean, Sebastian [Stan] is my dude. Chris is my dude. Paul [Rudd] has become my dude. Jeremy [Renner] has been my dude for almost 10 years now. You get to come to work with your friends!

I did a movie last year that Paul Bettany directed. If you take all that away just so I could be number one on a call sheet? My ego is well intact. I’m really cool with being that tall [holds up fingers an inch apart] on the poster.

But if it happens… I’ll shit myself again.

If you liked reading what Mackie had to say, especially his off-the-cuff remarks and jests, I recommend reading the full interview on the last page. There are plenty more great moments, including Anthony Mackie learning what Grindr is, that are worth reading.

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