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No one is happier to be an Avenger than Anthony Mackie. The guy oozes energy and charisma, and is easily the most fun to interview out of the entire cast of Captain America: Civil War. While on the set of the comic book sequel in Atlanta, Georgia, we talked to the actor who plays Captain America’s sidekick Falcon, and Mackie did not disappoint with his responses to our questions, and we even answered one of his questions.

After the jump, find out how Anthony Mackie didn’t know that he was an Avenger until he actually saw the premiere of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, whether or not Falcon is still recommending music to Steve Rogers, and if he’s prepared to pick up the shield should something happen to Steve Rogers sometime down the road. All that and more in our Captain America Civil War interview with Anthony Mackie below.

Anthony Mackie Had No Idea He Was an Avenger

As we know, Marvel likes to keep things secret, and it turns out that even some of their actors aren’t even privy to certain details. In fact, Anthony Mackie wasn’t even aware of the context of the quick scene he shot for Avengers: Age of Ultron, the final shot where the new team of Avengers assembles at their new headquarters. Mackie explained:

They never send you the whole script. Like when they asked me to do Avengers [Age of Ultron] they sent me two scenes. There are two hours and seven minutes around those two scenes, but I never got to read it.

When we were at the premiere I was like ‘Cool.’ I’m with my son and he gets to see his daddy in two scenes in The Avengers. By the end of the movie I turn around and they’re like ‘Avengers Assemble!’ I’m like, ‘Holy shit! I’m an Avenger!’ So I turn around to everybody with me and they were like, ‘Dude! You’re a fuckin’ Avenger!’ ‘This is fuckin’ amazing.’ So, that’s the story of my Marvel life.

It’s a little hard to believe that something like that would escape Mackie, but there’s a good chance that Marvel keeps things like that on a need-to-know basis. Mackie elaborated on what it was like to shoot that scene with no frame of reference for what he was really shooting:

I had no idea. I flew in, Chris [Evans] and Scarlett [Johansson] are up top and the rest of us are standing there. It was like ‘Cut. Anthony fly in. Action. Hrm-hrm-hrm. Cut. Alright, thanks!’ That was pretty much it. Six months later you go to a premiere and you shit yourself.

That undoubtedly has to be a cool experience, and it’s a great payoff when Mackie talks about how silly he feels when he’s on set for certain sequences.

Falcon Gets Hot and Sweaty While Playing Pretend

While talking about the action on set, Anthony Mackie talks about how the trademark element of his character, the wings, aren’t even part of his practical suit:

They 100% add all the wings. I realized yesterday how stupid we look. They’re ‘We need you to run, but before you break into a full run pop your arms out so your wings can extend and you’ll fly.’ I was like, ‘Okay, alright. I’m 36. Let’s do it.’ We were running and it’s so hot. It’s balls hot. So, I’m running and my goggles are filling up with water, right? I don’t know how women do this, but it’s torture. The makeup starts getting into the corners of my eyes, so I start crying. It’s so hot… I can’t really see anything and they’re like ‘So, hold your arms out and just… fly away.’ I was like, ‘Let’s just do it, dude. Fuck it, let’s do it.’

So, the wings are real in my mind not on set. They have these little wings, like these little three foot wings. I do this shit, then I have to do it with the little wings, so I look like a quail or a pheasant. It’s whatever. I’m happy about it. I’m happy to be an Avenger!

Sometimes we forget about that element of acting in movies like this. It’s just a big expensive imaginary game where the actors have to picture a lot of the big moments in their head and react to nothing.

On the next page, Anthony Mackie talks about recommending music to Captain America, as well as Chris Evans, and whether or not he can see Falcon picking up the shield if the opportunity ever presented itself in the future.

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