Over the last year, many names have been batted around for the title role in The Green Lantern, including Star Trek‘s Chris Pine and dorm-poster staple Ryan Gosling. According to a very confident-sounding Drew at HitFix, actor Bradley Cooper is now closer than any other dude to being a lock for the DC superhero and planned film franchise.

Those who pay attention to summer-buzz know that Cooper is lined-up for a breakout performance in June’s The Hangover, an R-rated comedy from Todd Phillips that is testing through the friggin’ roof. We’ve been predicting major things for the film for months. Moreover, a sequel has already been greenlit, which is quite rare for the genre. In the past, Cooper has done a lot of TV work (Alias, Kitchen Confidential, Nip/Tuck) and appeared in films like Yes Man. He’s a likable actor who seems geared for bigger “everyman”-type roles. But is he the ideal choice to play Hal Jordan? Commenters, mount up.

After Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) signed on to direct, Warner Bros. announced a $150 million budget for The Green Lantern, with shooting still set for July in Sydney, Australia. It’s obviously a decisive step for DC/WB coming off The Dark Knight, and it’ll be interesting to see how “serious” they go. With a face that will soon be more associated with comedy than action, we’ll be sure to update if Cooper becomes officially attached.

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