Big Hero 6 Questions Answered

The success of Disney Animation continued this weekend with the release of Big Hero 6. A loose adaptation of a Marvel Comic of the same name, the fast-paced, emotional action film follows a young boy named Hiro who employs his older brother’s health robot Baymax to help track down a mysterious villain.

That’s the non-spoiler way to describe it. But with the movie now in theaters, and already a hit, it’s time to talk spoilers. Speaking with the film’s directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, we asked about a bunch of the super spoilery questions you probably had after watching the film. Character motivations, ultimate fates, potential plot holes, cameos and more. Below, the directors answer your Big Hero 6 questions.

Big Hero 6 Questions Answered

Beware of major spoilers for the rest of this article.

Big Hero 6 villain

1. Since the villain, Callahan, didn’t know about Hiro’s Microbots until the science fair, how did he develop his devious plan so incredibly quickly?

Chris Williams: Well you never want that stuff to supersede the emotional story. You know what I mean? Like the bot mechanics. You never want to come at the expense of the actual throughline of the story. But we did talk about it. We tried to make it as sort of airtight as possible. We did talk about the fact that the after Hiro presents his Microbots, we really nuanced that acting when he’s applauding at the end. So that it can be perceived when you look at it the first time, it’s like ‘Oh he’s impressed by the show.’

Don Hall: Yeah.

Williams: You watch it another time, you’re like ‘Oh he sees how he’s going to destroy his nemesis.’

Hall: The birth of his evil idea. So a lot of care went into the right angle of the eyebrow and everything. But yeah, there were versions of the story where we did focus a little bit more on that and it came at the expense of the emotional story. And the Hiro-Baymax story is the most important thing. So those plotty threads, you sure up as much as you can. And no matter what, emotionally, the idea of the villain going or reacting to loss was always central to the story. We wanted to mirror Hiro’s story and almost be a cautionary tale of what can happen if you let hatred kind of crush your soul.


2. When Baymax “dies,” he doesn’t really die because his personality is all on that chip. How much did you consider the notion this is a kids movie and they may or may not understand that technological explanation?

Williams: In Tadashi’s explanation, he talks about that chip is what makes Baymax Baymax. Then just symbolically the fact that it’s sitting where your heart sits. I think people seem to be able to ingest and understand the idea that that is his essence, and that by holding onto the chip that he is still himself at the end of the movie.

Hall: But even the idea of it’s interesting. We screened the movie and get feedback and stuff like that internally. And some people who are a little bit more empirical minded and logic minded would always say “Well he’s a robot, you can always rebuild him.” But we’re hoping that the audience doesn’t think about that. They’re thinking of Baymax as a character, not as a robot. If they thought a robot is a robot, then that’s not gonna be as emotional. But he’s a character by that point. So you forgot that he could be rebuilt. And so “The Sweet Cookie” we call it when Hiro finds that chip again, your heart should elate because you know what made Baymax Baymax is still there..

Williams: And there’s no way you can rebuild sort of the experiences they’ve had together.

Hall: Exactly.

Williams: The bond they share. The amount that Baymax has learned over the course of the story. That’s something you can’t just replicate. I think that’s why, you know, Baymax seemingly is gone at the end of the film.

Hall: Also he has learned and that is on that chip. We’ve shown that he’s had a little bit of a learning curve over the course of the film. And grown to, in his own robotic way, love and care for Hiro.

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