Felicity Jones Hosted Saturday Night Live

This weekend brought the first episode of Saturday Night Live in 2017, and the writers had a tough time coming back from break. Hosted by Felicity Jones, the episode started off strong with the cold open featuring the return of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, but then it takes a sharp turn into being more than a rough return for the late night sketch show.

We recount the best and worst sketches from the Felicity Jones hosted Saturday Night Live after the jump.

The Best

Donald Trump Press Conference – Man, SNL really packed a bunch of the headling-making antics of president-elect Donald Trump into this one sketch, and it worked out pretty well. While it slowed down and lost steam a bit towards the end, including an unneeded use of Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey (sure, this is something ridiculous happening in real life, but they didn’t really do anything to heighten that silliness), it was still a high point that SNL couldn’t top the rest of the night.

Theatre Donor – This is a pretty goofy sketch, but Mikey Day’s physical comedy in this sketch made me laugh a bit (including when the bald headpiece got displaced slightly on his forehead). However, I will not that despite this being very funny thanks to Day’s throwing himself all about the wheelchair, it was also a tad bit depressing in a way. But I guess I’ll just push that deep down with the rest of my feelings until they’re unleashed in some kind of mid-life crisis.

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