Casey Affleck Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Christmas Miracle – Kate McKinnon’s recurring character Ms. Rafferty still hasn’t lived up to her first appearance after an alien abduction in the Ryan Gosling episode, but there were still some laughs to be had here.

Robot Presentation – At first I wondered if this would turn out like the Honda Robotics sketch, but instead it went in a completely different direction. With the exception of the Dunkin Donuts sketch, this was the best thing that Casey Affleck did all night, mostly because his dry personality lent itself to the apprehensive character confused by the sexual proclivities of a robot built for office work. The concept was funnier than the execution, but still not that great to begin with. Oh, and Fred Armisen was there for no good reason.

Donald Trump Christmas – Alec Baldwin is always great as Trump, but this sketch just didn’t work as well is it should have. Maybe it’s just because the real concern of Russian being involved in the election is still too fresh to be funny. Not even Beck Bennett’s exaggerated Putin or a cameo from John Goodman can make this work better.

The Worst

New York Now – I would have preferred to watch this sketch play out with these characters chastising the children that they fired from the production. Casey Affleck was a little better in this sketch when he was poorly spouting Borat and Austin Powers lines, but still nothing special.

Mrs. Claus and the Elves – While this sketch was funny the first time around when Louis C.K. was a shoemaker dealing with these weirdly naughty elves, it wasn’t as good the second time around when Ryan Gosling joined the elves and confounded Santa Claus. Now it’s even less funny with the elves trying to get Mrs. Claus to punish them. Pack it up. This one’s done.

Christmas Bar – While I get what this sketch is trying to do, the pacing is really bad, Casey Affleck is not good in it, and the premise is drawn out far too long. The only saving grace is hearing Kenan Thompson fail at trying to do the given accent.

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