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Did Memorial Day weekend throw you off enough that you missed some of the bigger entertainment stories this week? Well, don’t fret, because it’s time to take a look at the Best Stories of the Week.

This week we’ve got updates on Gambit with Channing Tatum, Marvel’s developing Doctor Strange, an interview with Pete Docter about Pixar’s Inside Out, a new director for Jonny Quest, trailers for The End of the Tour and the remake of Point Break, and much more. Hit the jump to get caught up on a week’s worth of the biggest stories.

Update: The news of Disney shutting down Tron 3 broke after this roundup was published, but definitely factors into the big news of the week. We’ve added that below.

#26. Tobey Maguire Plays Chess in First Pawn Sacrifice Trailer

The movie gets a limited release starting on September 18th.


#25. Channing Tatum Says Gambit Movie is an Origin Story


We already know Gambit will hit theaters on October 7, 2016 if 20th Century Fox sticks to their schedule, but details on the developing film have been slim. However, Channing Tatum recently opened up a bit about the project and revealed it will be an origin story, but it will play with the familiar tropes of superhero movies a bit. Read Tatum’s full quotes over here.


#24. First Look at Matt Damon in The Martian

The Martian First Look

The first photos of Matt Damon in The Martian were unveiled. See more right here.


#23. Could We See a Wolverine Cameo in Deadpool Next Year?

wolverine 2 screenwriter

Even though Hugh Jackman is ending his long run as a mutant in The Wolverine 3 (and will hopefully have some small role in X-Men: Apocalypse), there’s a chance we might see him in one more 20th Century Fox comic book flick. As fans know, Deadpool has a long history with the adamantium-clawed mutant, and Ryan Reynolds recently teased that Wolverine might have a cameo in the Merc with a Mouth’s movie coming in 2016. Get more details on the potential cameo in our original story.


#22. Veteran Make-Up and Effects Wizard Rick Baker is Retiring

Rick Baker

While you may not know Rick Baker by name, you undoubtedly know his work. Baker is known for creating make-up effects for films such as Star Wars, An American Werewolf in London, The Rocketeer, Gremlins 2, Men in Black, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Harry and the Hendersons and Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller music video. He’s also worked on special effects for films like Hellboy and The Exorcist. But now Baker is retiring from Hollywood, and some of his props and work went on sale in an auction today in Los Angeles. Read what Baker had to say about his retirement right here.


#21. Two Kids Steal Kevin Bacon’s Cop Car

The film hits limited theaters on August 7 and VOD on August 14.


#20. George Miller’s Abandoned Justice League Gets a Doc

Justice League

Before George Miller finally got to work on the fantastic Mad Max: Fury Road, the director was set up to adapt the DC Comics superhero assembly of Justice League. A case was even ready to go with Armie Hammer (Batman), D.J. Cotrona (Superman), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman), Adam Brody (The Flash), and Common (Green Lantern) as the titular team. Now a new documentary aims to be “an unbiased account of the project’s development, preproduction and cancellation, as well as the impact on the Australian film industry.” Get more details on the developing project over here.


#19. Dwayne Johnson Plays Hard in New Ballers Trailer

The new series premieres on HBO on June 21st.


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