Best Stories of the Week

It’s been quite the long week for us, having just returned from Comic-Con in San Diego. But now that we’re back home, let’s count down the Best Stories of the Week.

Below we recap major stories such as Phil Lord & Chris Miller directing a Han Solo spin-off movie, a bunch of new images from Paul Feig‘s reboot of Ghostbusters, Harry Shearer returning to The Simpsons. We also have new trailers for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Goosebumps starring Jack Black, not to mention a whole slew of news and coverage from Comic-Con.

So let’s get down to the Best Stories of the Week after the jump!

#29. Disney Working on Live-Action Prince Charming Movie


After several of Disney’s princess movies getting live-action, sometimes revisionist, adaptations, the other side of those tales will also get the same treatment. A film following Prince Charming, an archetype of male figures in Disney movies, is in the works. However, this wouldn’t be from the perspective of Prince Charming. To find out more about the project, read our original report.

#28. Showtime Brings Back Damian Lewis in Billions Trailer

The series premieres sometime in 2016

#27. The Omen is Grown Up in Trailer for Damien TV Series

The series debuts sometime this year.

#26. Game of Thrones Event Seemingly Confirmed to President Obama


Fans were outraged at the death of a major character in Game of Thrones this past season. While some have hypothesized this character could be brought back from the dead, a story by one of the show’s writers seems to dispute that, unless of course he lied directly to the President of the United States. Find out more in our full story right here.

#25. FX Teases a Return to Fargo in Second Season Trailers

The show returns in September (see more trailers here).

#24. Homeland Season Five Debuts a Teaser Trailer

The series continues in September.

#23. Star Wars Gets an Official Mobile App

Star Wars app

Lucasfilm has released an official Star Wars app stocked with everything a fan would need on the go. Find out more about what’s in the mobile app in our original story right here.

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