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While it wasn’t a very busy news week in general, there were a whole slew of updates about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the future of the Star Wars universe as it gets completely reinvigorated by a new trilogy. We’ve got that news all covered in a forthcoming D23 roundup. Other than that, this edition of Best Stories of the Week still has some good stuff.

Below we recap the week that included a third season renewal for Rick & Morty, casting for The Joker in the LEGO Batman movie, news on Will Smith‘s involvement in the Bad Boys sequels, an Inside Out short film and more. Plus there’s also trailers for The Hateful Eight, Bryan Cranston in Trumbo, a quick teaser for HBO’s Westworld series and a few others.

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#35. Tom Hardy to Produce and May Star in 100 Bullets Adaptation

Tom Hardy in This Means War

Tom Hardy has a deal to produce an adaptation of the Vertigo comic book 100 Bullets, and there’s a chance he may star. The story begins with one man who gives people who have been wronged the chance to exact violence revenge by giving them an untraceable pistol and one hundred bullets. Find out more about the project right here.

#34. Project Greenlight Teaser: The HBO Filmmaking Doc Series is Back

The series returns on September 13th.

#33. Paul Haggis Doesn’t Think Crash Was the Real Best Picture Winner

Crash movie

Some winners of the Academy Award for Best Picture don’t age well, and in retrospect, another film should probably have taken home the big prize. However, some are met with disdain as soon as they win, and that was the case with Crash. And for those who believe the film wrongly won the top prize at the Oscars back in 2005, director Paul Haggis actually agrees with you. Find out more in our original story.

#32. Elle Fanning is a Trans Teen in About Ray Trailer

The film arrives on September 18th.

#31. Netflix Picks Up Christopher Guest’s Series Mascots

Christohper Guest Family Tree

Netflix has ordered a new series called Mascots from This is Spinal Tap and Best in Show director Christopher Guest. The series will be another trademark mockumentary story following the excitement of the 8th World Mascot Association Championships, where a group of “unusual” men and women, with big heads and furry suits, compete to win the prestigious Gold Fluffy Award and be crowned Best Mascot in the World. Find out more over here.

#30. Dane DeHaan is James Dean in the Trailer for Life

The indie doesn’t have a US release date yet.

#29. David Fincher’s shows Utopia and Video Synchronicity Are Dead

The Films of David Fincher

David Fincher had two series in development, one was a US adaptation of Utopia while the other was Video Synchronicity. Sadly, it appears both of those projects are now dead in the water. Find out what happened with them over here.

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