Emma Stone Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Michael Che and Colin Jost have been great this season about having natural riffs between them after jokes land awkwardly, and this week had a great moment after Jost delivered a line in the most whitebread way possible. Plus, their back and forth when it comes to the ridiculous state of our future elected president has been great for Weekend Update in general.

Leslie Jones on Women’s Sexual Satisfaction – Leslie Jones is hit or miss with me when it comes to her Weekend Update segments. When she’s nails it, she really nails, and this one was one of the good ones, to the point that she even made herself laugh. Even in her less impressive appearances at the desk, her flirting lines to Jost are always great, and this one was solid too. But again, they need to her Jones sparingly in this capacity so her appearances have some comedic sway.

Rachel from Friends on 90s Nostalgia – It has always seemed weird that Vanessa Bayer was doing a perfect impression of Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel from Friends on Weekend Update every now and then. It wasn’t timely, which was part of its comedic charm, but now it seems like it’s reached a peak with Jennifer Aniston stopping by herself.

The Host

Even though Emma Stone may not have landed a role on All That after the auditioned for the kids’ version of Saturday Night Live on Nickelodeon, her hosting turns on SNL show that she could easily be a regular part of the show’s cast. She just fits in, throws herself into every character, and has an endless amount of charisma and appeal. She’s on par with Justin Timberlake when it comes to hosting, and she can come back anytime.


Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon – She’s just flat out SNL’s best cast member period right now, and this episode was full of her greatness. For me, it was her turn as Debette Goldry that sealed the deal, but her recurring role as Kellyanne Conway is always spot on too. It’s not like it’s a competition as to who is funniest, but she’s consistently the hardest one to top.

The Final Word

Emma Stone is one of those hosts who will always be good on the show, and thankfully the cast and crew brought their A-game to make sure it was a good episode surrounding her. There were only a couple sketches that didn’t work for me, and almost all of the best sketches were live instead of pre-recorded, which doesn’t happen very often. This was a solid episode and hopefully SNL can keep the momentum going for the final two episodes of the year as well.

We’ll be back after John Cena hosts Saturday Night Live on December 10.

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