Benedict Cumberbatch Hosted Saturday Night Live

It’s the last episode of the show before the 2016 election finally comes to an end, and while viewers might have expected Saturday Night Live to pull out all the stops when it comes to skewering the candidates, it was a rather tame episode. Yes, there was political satire to be had, but it just didn’t feel quite as biting as the preceding four episodes of the season. But at the very least Benedict Cumberbatch did the best with the roles he was given, and there were some decent laughs to be had, but nothing that will blow anyone away.

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The Best

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – Not only was this sketch another fantastic installment of the political satire of the last leg of the elections season but it took a rather beautiful turn. Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon broke character and went down to Times Square (this part was pre-recorded), surprising a mix of random tourists and scripted interactions with voters. It all culminated with the two returning to the mainstage and urging people to vote. It was just a nice, genuine moment to have among all the tension this election has created between Americans.

Meeting with Mr. Shaw – Benedict Cumberbatch’s skills for being so authentic make this sketch work in such a weird way. I can guarantee that plenty of people will hate this sketch, but the ludicrous nature and unwavering commitment to the nonsense is what makes me love it, and this is a 10-to-1 sketch after all. The framed pictures of Mr. Shaw is when it really came together for me, and then Cumberbatch left with a soccer ball and a single flipper as “his things.” So weird, but so funny.

Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot? – Saturday Night Live was all about being meta with the first two sketches of the night, and this was felt a little awkwardly paced, but the premise was worth a good chuckle. Benedict Cumberbatch is so earnest in this that it made it work better than it otherwise might have. Plus, the way Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant get all giddy when talking about why Cumberbatch is sexy is done perfectly. But the real gem in this is Beck Bennett being so frustrated by Cumberbatch being regarded as sexy.

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