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Here’s our first look at Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves. In the DC comic book universe, she is the personal assistant and bodyguard to Lex Luthor, although her role in this movie still remains mostly unknown. In this shot, she’s escorting a container down a hallway (presumably in LexCorp) and the very next shot tells us exactly what’s in that container…


Yep, the body of General Zod. We saw this shot in previous trailers and it only confirms what we’ve heard about the actual villain of Batman v Superman. But we’ll get to that in a second.

BvS 22

The new Lex Luthor may be a hipster douchebag, but he’s not without some classic touches. Although other versions of Luthor have worn white suits in the past, this stylized lab coat look seems to recall his original origins as a mad scientist-type. Over the years, he would evolve into a business tycoon, his early days all but written out of canon. Batman v Superman seems to be merging the old and the new: Eisenberg’s take the character is a billionaire CEO, but he’s also getting his hands dirty with some nasty scientific mayhem.


“If man won’t kill God, the devil will do it!”

Like any proper mad scientist, Luthor has gone mad made himself a Frankenstein’s monster. Only this time, the body parts he’s using come from a dead Kryptonian general. And the monster is being built to kill Superman.

BvS 23

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Frankenstein story without a little thunder and lighting. The results of Luthor’s experiments are literally happening in the shadow of Superman’s statue. After all, the Man of Steel is too busy having a beef with the Dark Knight to see where the real trouble lies.

BvS 24

Here it is. the worst-kept secret in the movie geek world for a year now: Doomsday, the powerful villain who once killed Superman and has rampaged throughout the DC universe ever since, is what forces our heroes to put aside their differences and come together. Snyder’s take on Doomsday is surely going to divide people – it looks more like a Lord of the Rings orc or the Abomination from Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk than his comic book counterpart.

BvS 25

Whether you like Doomsday’s new look or not, his appearance does get his astonished reaction from Batman. This may be the shot that has officially sold us on Affleck in this part, mainly because it’s actually funny. After three movies of Christian Bale’s dour, humorless Batman, we could use a Dark Knight who utters “Holy shit” when a crazed genetic experiment shoots eye lasers at him.

BvS 26

Welp. There goes the city. Again.

BvS 27

The Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer offered a tiny glimpse of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in action, but this preview ends with an example of her god-like abilities. It’s not clear exactly how this Amazonian demigoddess actually fits into the plot of the movie, but it certainly looks like she’ll show up in the nick of time to assist the boys in the battle with Doomsday.

BvS 29

“She with you?”

“I thought she was with you?”

It’s crazy how much fun this exchange is. It may actually be more fun than any of the shots where these two are pummeling each other into the ground. Can these two just skip the part where they’re fighting and get to the part where they’re buddies and can exchange wisecracks and hang out? Please?

BvS 28

And here it is. DC’s holy trinity. The dawn of justice. Three of the most iconic superheroes in all of popular culture, together in a live action movie for the first time. What a momentous moment. What an image. People have been waiting years for-

Wait. Why does Batman have a shotgun?

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