BvS 12

Here’s the coolest shot yet of the armor Batman uses to directly combat Superman. Unlike previous shots of the suit, which were cloaked in darkness, this one is illuminated by flames, letting us see every little detail. Thanks, destruction!

BvS 13

This trailer features a few new shots of the Batplane in action and it looks like a slick piece of hardware. If you’re going to suggest that a billionaire vigilante in a bat costume went out and designed his own personal airplane for crime-fighting purposes, you might as well make it look cool and this film seems to have succeeded on that front.

BvS 14

That shot is close-up of Batman’s face in the Batplane cockpit, but we’re really including it here because we can’t help but admire Affleck’s chin, which may very well be the best chin to ever get showcased by a superhero costume. Seriously. That is one impressive jawline.

BvS 15

Here is Superman, floating in the rain and getting ready to laser-eye somebody (presumably Batman). At this point in the trailer, we also hear the big blue boy scout tell his all-too-mortal foe what we already know: if he wanted Batman dead, he would be dead. Can Snyder and these actors mine drama out of a fight where one guy is constantly holding back because he would win in a millisecond? That’s the billion dollar question.

BvS 16

Hey, Amy Adams‘ Lois Lane is in this movie! It wouldn’t be a Superman movie without a scene where Superman’s longtime ally and love interest tells Lex Luthor that he’s crazy and he gets glib in response. Some things never change.

BvS 17

In a previous trailer, we got to see Superman literally rip the doors off the Batmobile. That makes this shot of Batman just rolling on up to confront Superman kind of hilarious. He makes quite the entrance for a guy who’s essentially driving a big wad of tissue paper.

BvS 18

Now this is interesting. Here is Batman (and some foes) being attacked by an army of flying creatures. Some comic book fans have already speculated that these could be Parademons, the winged minions of the all-powerful villain Darkseid. So, what are they doing in Batman v Superman? Well, Batman is wearing that strange goggles and coat outfit as seen in that previous teaser, which is supposedly part of a dream sequence where the Dark Knight is shown a dark future where the world is dominated by Superman. And since Darkseid is rumored to be the main villain of the upcoming Justice League movie, this shot (and this entire scene) could be laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

BvS 19

Either this is also from that dream sequence or Superman is really upping his “destroy everything in his path” game.

BvS 20

Also from that dream sequence: Batman unmasked! If this is the grand climax of a nightmare where each and every one of Bruce Wayne’s fears seem to be coming to pass, then how much do you want to bet that Batman v Superman ends with him revealing his identity to his new alien ally? You know: he comes full circle and such.

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