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Like Star Wars Rebels before it, Star Wars Resistance met some, no pun intended, resistance with certain Star Wars fans – especially fans who feel the Disney XD series is targeted specifically to kids and not themselves. But Star Wars Resistance is already showing signs of moving past its initial childlike wonder into a richer story that will weave itself into the larger Star Wars tapestry as a whole.

Fans aren’t wrong in the sense that both Resistance and Rebels have a younger age demographic target. When you’re a Star Wars animated series on a Disney Channel, that’s sort of par for the course. That said, as we learned with Rebels – where a Star Wars animated series starts and where it ends up are two completely different things.

I won’t lie to you. The first episodes of Star Wars Resistance left me… wanting. It was cute. I like cute but it didn’t grab me. Rebels grabbed me from the beginning. But, while I liked everyone on the show as a character, I didn’t hook in immediately. I didn’t watch the episodes multiple times. It was cute. It was amusing. It was Star Wars for kids and that was great and I was happy to leave it at that.

Then I changed my mind. Star Wars Resistance is much more than cute and amusing. It’s important.

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Production on season 4 of SYFY’s hit series Wynonna Earp should be chugging along right now. Melanie Scrofano should be swearing in new and creative ways. Creator and showrunner Emily Andras should be wrangling cast, crew, and production staff. Fans should be clamoring for pictures and sneak peeks and any little bit of information they can glean from their favorite show on television.

None of that is happening right now. Instead, the entire cast, crew, and production staff of Wynonna Earp is collectively holding their breath while waiting on a green light to start production on a season 4 that’s already been renewed and should be, at least, 3 episodes into filming.

As someone who’s been a fan of genre TV for decades, I’m used to seeing shows I love get canceled because of low ratings or because a network wasn’t willing to take a chance on a show that might not reach a broader audience because it’s niche, but in all my years as a fan, I’ve never seen anything like what’s going on with SYFY’s Wynonna Earp.

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I love SYFY’s 12 Monkeys and I want you to love it, too. Because I fully believe 12 Monkeys is one of the best TV shows out there and it hurts me that more people don’t know about how truly unique and amazing it is. I take it personally, people.

Those of you who haven’t watched 12 Monkeys, aren’t caught up, or stopped along the way and haven’t returned, I’m telling you – you need to watch. It’s a moral imperative.

I hear you over there saying it. “There’s so much TV out there already.”

I get it. In the age of Peak TV, finding room for new shows is hard. Especially when you’re juggling work, friends, kids, bowling teams, etc. And I know people are always throwing out statements like, “You need to watch this show!” and “It’s one of the best shows out there” about, well, everything these days. But this time it’s true.

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reverie review

When I first heard about NBC’s Reverie, it was described to me as a sci-fi show, but the new thriller from Extant creator Mickey Fisher leans more towards a procedural drama than I expected. Not that there’s anything wrong with a procedural drama (it’s one of the things NBC is exceedingly good at) but it took some adjusting of expectations to get into the swing of the first episode.

Reverie’s title comes from the name of a dream program made by a company named Onira Tech. The Reverie program gives users the ability to go into a dream of their own making. Think Total Recall, but instead of going to Mars you can go to your favorite memory, visit a time you were most happy, even bring someone back from the dead and spend time with them in whatever setting or time you choose.

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In December 2015, The Expanse debuted on SYFY and, almost overnight, sparked a loyal and loving fanbase. Based on author James S.A. Corey’s (writing team Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham) book series, The Expanse was embraced by fans of the books and viewers who had been looking for a show to love since Battlestar Galactica ended in 2009.

And then, after three seasons, it was cancelled. Far, far too soon.

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