Max Marriner

Los Angeles, CA
Santa Fe University Of Art And Design
Movies, Video Games, Online Video
  • Max has received two awards for film culture commentary, once in high school and again in college.
  • His YouTube channel is centered on reviews and video essays about movies and video games. As of November 2021, the channel has accumulated over 450,000 video views.
  • He's worked in production and post-production environments for both feature films and commercials.


Max Marriner has been putting his pop culture opinions on paper since high school. A Bay Area native based in Los Angeles, Max is defined by his fiery passion for movies, video games, and the cultures in which they're made. He's written for the website Game Rant and the popular YouTube channel NerdSync, and he's co-founded independent websites and podcasts in his spare time. When he's not writing about movies or Marvel (though, honestly, isn't he always?), Max spends his time attending comedy shows and playing games with his friends.


Max earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, elevating his knowledge of cinematic language and craft to a professional level.
Stories By Max Marriner