Max Marriner

Photo of Max Marriner
Los Angeles, CA
Santa Fe University Of Art And Design
Marvel Studios, Video Game Adaptations, The Muppets
  • With Max having spent the better part of the last decade creating videos online, his video essays and reviews covering movies and games have led to hundreds of thousands of views and a spot at VidCon 2019 as a guest speaker.
  • In college, Max was the host of an award-winning web series that covered all corners of film culture, from the mockable mannerisms of film students to the medium's treatment of women both in front of and behind the camera.
  • Max's home county officially recognized him for his editorial work in his high school's newspaper, resulting in an award that literally claims Max Marriner has the "Best Opinion."


Max Marriner has been putting his pop culture opinions on both paper and web page since high school. A Bay Area native based in Los Angeles, Max is emphatically defined by his fiery passion for movies, video games, and the cultures in which they're made. During a doomed search for employment in the opening months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Max began his unexpected career as a freelance writer, and the role has stuck with him ever since. He's written for the website Game Rant and the popular YouTube channel NerdSync, and he's co-founded independent websites and podcasts over the span of a decade in online content creation.


Max graduated from The Santa Fe University of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production, elevating his knowledge of the film medium to a professional level.
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