Maria Loreto

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University Of Miami
Movies, TV, Books, Video Games
  • Maria is a freelance writer for /Film.
  • She is a critic and writer of lifestyle and media.
  • She has written about films and art for a variety of printed and digital publications, including Paperback Paris, Different Leaf, and more.


Maria is a critic and writer based in New York. She is originally from Venezuela and studied film criticism at the University of Miami. She has been writing professionally for over 5 years. She's worked in a variety of publications, as an editor and contributing writer in The Fresh Toast, and as a features editor in Paperback Paris. She's written articles about film and cannabis for the printed edition of Different Leaf, and for a variety of websites.


Maria started studying filmmaking at the University of Miami. She later changed her major to film criticism, a topic that while understudied blends her love of film and writing in one place.
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