Eric Pierce

Central Michigan University
Movies, TV, Video Games
  • Eric has been writing since 2006; his short stories and pop culture pieces have appeared in anthologies and won awards.
  • He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Fanfare, a pop culture site on that he may or may not have started to have a place to talk about his Star Wars opinions, of which he has more than a few.
  • He is the author of the Clockwork Scoundrels series, a steampunk fantasy influenced by his love for the TV show "Firefly".


Eric spends his days working as an Analytics Data Architect, which is a fancy way of saying that he stares at spreadsheets most of the time. Pop culture has always been his first love, though, and writing about his favorite movies and shows is his favorite way to share those feelings. Eric writes a writing advice column at Writing Cooperative called Popular Prose, which dissects films and TV shows to find writing lessons. He's a Dungeons & Dragons aficionado (read: nerd) and co-founded a design studio that produces D&D content. When he's not doing any of that, he moves around words in his in-progress novel.


Eric has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a focus on Management Information Systems, which is a long way of saying he has a degree in Information Systems. In layman's terms: He's a programmer. No, he can't fix your computer.
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