Adam Wescott

Washington DC
Kenyon College
Books, Comics, Animation, Live Action TV, Film, Video Games
  • Adam Wescott is a features writer at Crunchyroll News, a popular anime streaming site.
  • He has been blogging about media for the past several years with friends on the site Isn't it Electrifying?
  • Adam is also a long-time bookseller at an independent bookstore in Washington DC.


Adam Wescott is a bookseller who works in Washington DC. He also writes feature articles for the popular anime streaming site Crunchyroll News, and has freelanced for websites like Anime News Network and Anime Herald. He is also a fervent devotee of AV Club's golden age of TV reviews, and can recite passages from the past two decades of games criticism from memory. He hopes to utilize this position to dig deep into fascinating work and pop culture ephemera outside the spotlight.


Adam has a BA from Kenyon College, a small liberal arts school in Ohio.
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