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Last night brought chart-topping singer Ariana Grande to Studio 8H again, but this was the first time she pulled double duty as both Saturday Night Live host and musical guest. Adults may not be too familiar with the singer’s acting career, but she found fame with kids on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Since she shares a career launch similar to that of Kenan Thompson, it made for a fun moment during the monologue, but beyond that Grande actually proved to be quite the energetic, fun and vibrant host, and she does some pretty killer impressions as well.

We run through the best and worth sketches from the Ariana Grande Saturday Night Live episode after the jump.

The Best

Hillary Campaign Ad – Following last week’s political ad for Donald Trump’s campaign, SNL has delivered another great one with Hillary Clinton getting really desperate to win the presidency by slowly turning into Bernie Sanders. You know, if Larry David wasn’t already a perfect Bernie Sanders, Kate McKinnon would be my pick to play him.

This Is Not a Feminist Song – If all goes well, the same people who laugh at this sketch are the ones who gave a reason for it to exist in the first place. For all the good that feminism does, there’s an ugly sect that just can’t be happy with some of the efforts put forth by other feminists, and this sketch pokes fun at those who are making it harder for any real progress or initiatives to gain any traction. Nicely done.

Mermaids – Anyone else want to watch a remake of The Little Mermaid with this Kate McKinnon blod fish mermaid in place of Ariel? Sure, that’s essentially what this sketch is, but I could watch McKinnon gross out Beck Bennett in that weird facial prosthetic all day long. The slime on her face really added something special. But I will say it’s a shame that Ariana Grande didn’t have much to do here.

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