Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che hammed it up with each of the special segments with guests, but otherwise kept things pretty low key while doing their headline stories and one-liners. Honestly, it was kind of lifeless, even more so than it usually is when the two aren’t laughing with/at each other’s jokes.

Jeanine Pirro – Cecily Strong deserves an Emmy for this Weekend Update segment alone. Her impersonation as Judge Jeanine Pirro is 100% perfect. Not only is her portrayal of this Fox News caricature barely exaggerated (because this woman is a fucking joke in her own right), but the added gag of her falling out of her seat in excitement is raucously hilarious.

Astronaut Anne McClain – You might have heard that an all-female space walk ended up getting foiled when the suit availability for Anne McClain kept her from participating in the mission. And Aidy Bryant does an outstanding job of being artificially ecstatic and holding back sadness and anger at not being able to be in space.

The Host

Sandra Oh was a fantastic host. Not only did her enthusiasm and energy liven up every single sketch she was in, but it made some of the average sketches better than they should have been. Unfortunately, that means the sketches themselves weren’t that great. Though the sketches that were the best were damn good, there was quite a decline as the average sketches were tallied up in this breakdown. But that’s just how it goes sometimes.


Saturday Night Live - Cecily Strong as Jeanine Pirro

Cecily Strong – Her portrayal of Judge Jeanine Pirro alone was enough to land her in this spot. That performance in Weekend Update was non-stop hilarity and it’s impressive that she can keep that up so long without breaking. It feels like an impersonation bolstered by the fact that she knows it’s an absolutely humiliating spoof of such a wretched woman.

The Final Word

It’s a bummer that SNL didn’t return with a bang this week to kick off the three consecutive episodes, but when you have a show like this, they’re not all going to be winners. In the end, that’s what makes SNL great. It’s spontaneous and imperfect, and you have to roll with the punches.

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