Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 29

Is it really an Alien movie if people don’t frantically run down narrow corridors? Asking for a friend.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 30

Is it really an Alien movie if someone doesn’t find themselves losing control of their body while some kind of fluid erupts from their mouth? Asking for a friend.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 31

And is it really an Alien movie if some kind of horrible beastie doesn’t burst out of someone’s body? However, the Neomorph, one of the alternate versions of the Xenomorph seen in Alien: Covenant, has a new trick up its slimy sleeve – it bursts out of its victim’s back instead of the chest.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 32

My feelings exactly.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 33

From what I can tell, there are at least three spaceships in Alien: Covenant. There’s the Covenant itself, the gigantic colony ship that never leaves outer space. There’s a much smaller shuttle, used to bring scientists and soldiers to the surface on their initial ground mission. And then there’s this one, which appears bigger than the shuttle and seems to come into play after the shuttle meets an unfortunate end. We see more of this one in the final shots of the trailer.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 34

I don’t know about you people, but I’m thrilled we’ve entered the stage of Danny McBride’s career where he gets to fight Xenomorphs and write Halloween movies. HBO’s Vice Principals revealed a more sophisticated side of McBride, and it’s weird and thrilling to see him playing a serious character (an engineer and a pilot!) in an Alien movie.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 35

While it was James Cameron who introduced the serious military tech into the Alien series, it looks like Ridley Scott won’t by shying away from that aspect. Those green laser sights sure do look nifty.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 36

This was a common sight on the Alien: Covenant set: charred corpses, strangely preserved, all over the place. It’s not clear who these people were or what happened to him, but something awful befell the race that used to call this planet home.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 37

Meet the Neomorph, the latest incarnation of the original alien. Its full life cycle remains unknown but seems to grow in different ways than the classic Xenomorph, taking on forms we haven’t seen before. Here, it can be seen launching an attack on Covenant crew members in that wheat field under the cover of darkness. It’s small and spindly and very fast.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 38

Here’s another look at the Neomorph as it rips a Covenant soldier apart. In this lightning, you can see its smooth texture and milky white skin.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 39

Anyway, it looks like it doesn’t end well for at least soldier. Note the wedding band on that bloodied hand and remember that every single person in this movie has a spouse or partner. That’s going to make every death sting just a little more.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 40

Based on the expression on Sergeant Lope’s face, we may be able to assume which soldier just perished on his watch…

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 41

During our set visit, special effects supervisor Neil Corbould spoke about the production filming on the difficult terrain of New Zealand’s Milford Sound and how they carefully orchestrated a massive explosion that would not disrupt the local wildlife or damage the area in any way. This appears to be that blast.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 42

Specifically, the explosion looks to take out the shuttle that brought the team to the ground in the first place. Perhaps this why that third ship comes into play, to rescue the survivors on the planet following the first encounter with the aliens.

Alien Covenant Trailer Breakdown 43

And who gets to pilot that rescue ship? Tennessee, of course. Danny McBride to the rescue.

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