10. Chief Warren Kincaid (Bride Of Chucky)

Bride of Chucky has no shortage of hateable characters, but John Ritter’s overprotective police chief tops the list. He’s trying to plant drugs in Jesse’s van, but instead catches a faceful of nails when Chucky triggers the airbag like some homemade automobile shotgun. Of course, Kincaid isn’t actually killed until an impromptu wedding later on when Chucky stabs him to death for good measure. I guess the multiple puncture wounds weren’t enough?

9. Chucky (Seed Of Chucky)

Glen gets his moment against mean-old dad, Karate Kid-style. First in a mano-y-mano martial arts battle, then by dismembering his pops piece by piece. Arms first. “You proud of me now, daddy?” Legs next. “Atta’ boy,” Chucky responds. Glen finally severs his father’s head and leaves the mess bleeding from all openings.

8. Ian (Curse Of Chucky)

Ian, ever the skeptic, won’t believe Nica until Chucky is standing over him. Ian is knocked level when Chucky uses Nica to ram him. Up goes the axe and down onto a screaming Ian it falls, severing his jaw and leaving his tongue dangling limp. A really nasty effect that even exposes some neck bone!

7. Toy Technician #2 (Child’s Play 2)

It’s always sad when some hard-working schlub is brutally killed in slasher flicks. Take this technican. He’s manning the late shift when Chucky, Andy and Kyle end up jamming the Good Guys factory assembly line. He clears the eye-presser machine, but then is sliced in the face by Chucky. He falls backwards, head then clamped so the machine can press fake eyes into his skull. DUDE JUST WANTED TO SUPPORT HIS FAMILY (PROBABLY, IN MY HEAD).

6. Tony Gardner (Seed Of Chucky)

Special effects designer Tony Gardner gets killed in his own movie, by the characters! First, he unscrews the battery pack on Tiff’s back to reveal pulsating, muscly insides. Then Chucky flings a wire that wraps around his neck and into Tiff’s hand on the other end. The two pull and off pops Mr. Gardner’s head, leaving behind a decapitated stump expelling blood. Points for actress Jennifer Tilly walking in and playing with the head because at first she thinks it’s a prop!

5. John “Dr. Death” Bishop (Child’s Play)

Chucky – the student – becomes an almost-master upon possessing his blue-overalled new form, but now he wants out. He confronts John – his teacher – and demands an escape incantation. John calls him an abomination and refuses to help, which doesn’t sit well. Chucky takes out a voodoo doll of John, snaps his leg, breaks his arm, then knifes his heart after coaxing out the information he needs.

4. Human Tiffany “Tiff” Valentine (Bride Of Chucky)

The only thing worse than a woman scorned is a psychopathic reanimated doll scorned. When Chucky breaks out of Tiff’s wooden playpen prison, he lunges to stab her during a bubble bath. Tiff kicks Chucky backwards, but then he pushes her television set (playing Bride Of Frankenstein) into the tub with her. She’s electrocuted while Chucky watches (enjoying the floating spheres), and when the time is right, Mr. Lee Ray performs his voodoo magic to implant Tiff’s soul into a wedding bride doll she used to tease Chucky. The beginning of a beautiful, deadly relationship!

3. Chucky (Child’s Play 3)

At the end of Child’s Play 3, Tyler finds himself weaving in-and-out of operational carnival rides to ditch Chucky, the last of which is a rollercoaster with massive props. Add a gigantic Grim Reaper with a laughably-sized scythe that swipes downward and there you go: Chucky now has half a face. The killer doll now lookin’ like Terminator. As Tyler tries to flee, a quick monster prop lifts him to the top of a skull-encrusted mountain, along with Chucky. So begins yet another attempt at Damballa soul transference for Charles Lee Ray, but instead of being the victim, Andy is the hero this time: he shoots and chops both of Chucky’s hands right off. So long Chuck – he’s thrown into the gigantic fan that chops him into a million pulpy pieces like some human food processor.

2. Chucky (Child’s Play)

“This is the end, friend.” Well, not really, but to Andy, his words mark the first of many Chucky deaths. This one begins when Andy fires-up his apartment fireplace, which Chucky is able to eventually escape (after previously being shot by Mrs. Barclay). All the hair and most flammable parts burn first, leaving just gooey blackness and singed clothes. He’s dead, right? Wrong! A tiny foot trips Andy while he’s running and close-ups reveal Chucky’s wire frame, now glistening where the rubber melted away. Mrs. Barclay steps up next and shoots the doll apart. First his head bounces backwards like a basketball, then his right arm, left foot. Two more to the back and the crawling mass of slop is left in pieces. And then Mike Norris’ buffon partner almost gets killed by because CHUCKY STILL ISN’T DEAD.

He pops out from an air vent and starts strangling the goof, Chucky’s decapitated head yelling instructions from afar. One more shot to the heart sprays blood on the bedroom curtains and sends the toy body flying backwards. Dourif’s voice changes to the toy’s original recording, as to signify victory.

1. Chucky (Child’s Play 2)

All hail Chucky’s death in Child’s Play 2. Even for a 3-foot-whatever rubber doll, the kill itself is gruesome beyond normal genre standards. It starts with a hand getting cut off, which Chucky replaces with a blade, Ash Williams-style. Then he’s knocked backwards into a plastic tagger that presumably stabs his legs repeatedly while nailing him to another prototype’s stand. This is important, because now he cannot escape being conveyor-belted into a box that attaches Good Guy appendages to torsos, spitting out an abstract artist’s rendering of arms, legs, blue overalls and bloody discharge. Of course, we’re not done yet.

Andy thinks he’s safe until a legless Chucky wheels himself over on a dolly. Chucky stabs with his blade-hand, but gets stuck in a metal grate – right under a vat of melted rubber. Andy opens a valve that spits out the scalding beige goo all over Chucky. Kyle thinks the worst is over, but Chucky pops up again lookin’ like Two-Face. One eye showing, his fake flesh dripping all over. Kyle finally sticks an air hose into Chucky’s mouth that inflates him, Big Trouble In Little China-style, and he explodes like an anthropomorphic piñata.

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