21. Colonel Francis Cochran (Child’s Play 3)

I love this kill not because it’s graphic, but because Chucky is so disappointed when the Colonel suffers a heart attack. Chucky pops from behind a nice mahogany desk with knife in hand, but before any stabbing can occur, the Colonel grabs around his ticker. “Oh, you gotta be fuckin’ kidding me!” spouts Chucky, followed by the Colonel falling into a figurine diorama of war.

20. Dr. Foley (Cult Of Chucky)

Pervy Dr. Foley gets what’s coming when Nica-but-not-really-Nica stomps his face to an unrecognizable indentation. Just some foot-steppin’ brutality.

19. Claudia’s Father (Seed of Chucky)

Seen through Glen’s eyes, a robed man picks up an “ugly” doll (we are the doll). A knife reaches out that stabs the man, sending him backwards and through a wooden bannister, plummeting off a second floor walkway. Love how we go for the ride, though!

18. Short-Haired Chucky (Cult Of Chucky)

Cult Of Chucky wouldn’t be complete without a Chucky death, and this one is a bit of catharsis for all-grown-up Andy Barclay. First, he rips the doll’s stomach open, removes a gun he placed there and then pumps the Chucky clone full of lead. Then, for good measure, he stomps the Chucky’s face into oblivion, doll blood splattering the otherwise white asylum cell.

17. Charles Lee Ray (Child’s Play)

The death that started it all. Charles Lee Ray, bleeding out in a toy shop. Officer Mike Norris looking to arrest the vile criminal. Then, just as Ray’s human body is about to expire, he uses voodoo transference to possess one of the year’s hottest toys. “GIVE ME THE POWER I BEG OF YOU!” Thunder. A lightning bolt strikes and the entire store explodes. Scorched toys left destroyed, Norris thinking Ray is toast…

16. Pete Peters (Seed Of Chucky)

John Waters plays a paparazzi photog who snaps pics of Chucky masturbating to a Fangoria magazine issue, so of course Chucky needs to deal with the situation. He’s hoping to bond with Glen over a kill, which is exactly what happens – by accident. Glen is actually trying to help Pete, but instead scares him backwards into a rack holding chemicals like Sulfuric Acid. Down comes the deadly acid and off comes half of Pete’s face, eaten away by the toxic liquid. Such a proud father and son moment, complete with a trophy picture!

15. Ms. Kettlewell (Child’s Play 2)

Ms. Kettlewell gives Andy detention (Chucky writes “Fuck you, Bitch” on Andy’s assignment) and throws Chucky in the closet, only to be murdered horrendously for her actions. First, Chucky stabs her with a handheld air pump – one blast that shoots her backwards – then he beats her to death with a yardstick. TAKE THAT, HOMEWORK, TESTS AND EDUCATION!

14. Russ, Diane (Bride Of Chucky)

Russ and Diane retreat to their gold satin sheets to do the nasty, but Tiff interrupts. First, Diane catches a glimpse of the doll watching, then screams in horror as a bottle of champagne is thrown into their neon-rimmed overhead mirror. Shards rain down, puncturing their waterbed and sending a gush of bloody water upwards. So beautiful a sight that Chucky proclaims his love to Tiff and yup, cue the infamous Chucky sex scene.

13. Doll Tiffany “Tiff” Valentine (Bride Of Chucky)

Tiff gets a pretty brutal death in Bride Of Chucky that starts with Jade kicking the Martha-Stewart-obsessed housewife into their RV’s oven. The whole camper explodes, but her charred body is recovered by Jesse – the nice guy. She realizes Chucky and herself are monsters and tries to end both their lives, but Chucky wins out by hitting her with a shovel then stabbing her. “My mother always told me love would set me free.”

12. Claire (Cult Of Chucky)

Claire tries to throw Chucky away, but he bites her. Dr. Foley thinks the wound is self-inflicted, so he restrains Claire and sedates her in one of the experimentation rooms – with Chucky. Dr. Foley leaves and Chucky gets up. Claire’s heart rate spikes. He grabs a canister of Compressed Oxygen and spikes it on the ground, rocketing upwards through a skylight window. Down comes a mix of fluffy white moonlit snow and glistening glass bits that cut Claire up…ending in decapitation. Her head rolls to Chucky. “Sometimes I scare myself!”

11. Chucky (Bride Of Chucky)

As Chucky deaths go, the gore-value here is minuscule, but the comedy is golden. Ignore the stab from Tiff because it barely factors. Start with Chucky being launched by a shovel swing that sticks him in his own grave. Chucky begins throwing a tantrum and beating the dirt walls like a child because he can’t get out. Jade takes aim, and Chucky knows it’s over. “I’ll be back, I always come back! But dying is such a bitch…” Six shots later and the doll is lying “dead” next to the actual skeleton of Charles Lee Ray.

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