Adam Sandler Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Weekend Update felt so weak this week. There were barely any standout jokes, and Colin Jost and Michael Che just felt like they weren’t fully into it. It’s one of those times when you understand why some fans think they’re the worst Weekend Update anchors the show has ever seen, but there are still times when they nail it.

Elizabeth Warren on College Debt Forgiveness – I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren, and that’s just fine by me. The only problem here is that the political spectrum is again such a joke at this point that there’s not a lot to parody. But McKinnon does have this impression down, and this bit calling out the public’s lack of awareness is right on the money.

Opera Man Returns – It’s a shame that it’s so hard to bring back any of Adam Sandler’s signature characters in sketch form since a lot of them also relies on fellow cast members like Chris Farley and David Spade. But at least we got Opera Man back, and Adam Sandler was right back in the groove of this character. It’s still so silly that it’s a surprise that it works so well, but Sandler sells it.

The Host

At first, Adam Sandler felt extremely nervous to be back on the main stage at SNL. He was stammering, and not on purpose like one of this characters, and his timing felt a bit off. But finally he started to feel comfortable once the time came for him to do a little ditty about getting fired from Saturday Night Live, which also resulted in Chris Rock popping by. The rest of the show, he did about as well as he used to do when he was a cast member on SNL. He broke character here and there, though not as much as Jimmy Fallon, and he looked like he was truly having a blast.


Adam Sandler – Fans have been waiting so long for Adam Sandler to return to SNL, and it’s nice that he was game enough to make it happen. It truly felt like he was having a heartfelt return home, and you can could tell he was enjoying it, and maybe also feeling a little sad that not all of his friends from his days at SNL were there with him. And then he brought out the Chris Farley song that he sang during his Netflix special, and it crushed even more than it did during his live tour. The audience loved it, and when the goodbyes happened at the end of the episode, you could see some puffy eyes and tears on the faces of cast members. That’s enough to make Adam Sandler the standout of this episode.

The Final Word

We’re in the home stretch now with two episodes left in the 44th season of SNL, and we’re hoping that the cast and crew will go out with a bang. Part of me thinks the Emma Thompson episode might suffer from being sandwiched between Sandler and the season finale, but maybe they can pull it off by delivering a fine trio of closing episodes.

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