Adam Sandler Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Romano Tours – At first, this sketch felt like Adam Sandler was just phoning it it. But then you realize he’s exhausted from people who go on these tours thinking it’s going to get rid of their sadness or fix their marriange. It’s almost like he’s on the border of freaking out about it, and you’re kind of waiting for that Adam Sandler rage to come through, but he keeps it reserved and let’s that come through in an exasperated kind of way.

War Zone Reporter – This sketch probably wouldn’t have worked as well as it did (which was only mostly amusing) without Adam Sandler bringing in his silly voices, especially when it came to making a character out of the Snapchat filters. My favorite part of this sketch is how they try to justify why Snapchat is working while no one communication method will with a quick line addressing the nonsense of it all.

The Worst

Holes – Man, with Adam Sandler back on Saturday Night Live, I was hoping for some kind of outstanding musical sketch like this, but unfortunately this wasn’t it. The concept lends itself more to the 10-to-1 window than where it fell earlier in the show. It’s such a weird idea, but it’s executed with such style and confidence in the fashion of a 1990s music video, like a cross between Guns N Roses and Rod Stewart, that it’s almost funny.

Family Feud: Avengers vs Game of Thrones – This could have been something so fun, but most of the punchlines here fall flat, especially the poor execution of Groot. It’s hard to tell whether this was intentional or just the result of not having enough time to get a proper Groot costume together. Either way, the joke was bad. It just felt like SNL trying to be culturally relevant without any real idea how to do it this time.

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