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Last night brought the first new Saturday Night Live of 2016, and it just so happens that Adam Driver hosted during the first box office weekend that Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn’t take the #1 spot. However, The Force Awakens was still the talk of the weekend with a hilarious new sketch taking aim at Kylo Ren, and it wasn’t the only reference made to Star Wars during the episode. There was even more Disney fun to be had with Adam Driver playing Aladdin as well.

We recap that and all the sketches from the Adam Driver Saturday Night Live episode after the jump!

Tribute to David Bowie

During the show, Fred Armisen returned to Studio 8H to pay tribute to the late David Bowie, followed by a re-airing of his performance of “The Man Who Sold the World” from 1979. Before we get to the breakdown of the sketches, you can watch both right here:

The Best

Golden Globes – Let me just say that while this sketch isn’t as funny as Kylo Ren on Undercover Boss, this is just the better piece of writing. Not only is it funny, but it functions as a quality short film with a little bit of heart thrown in too. It’s the right mix of outlandish and charming, even if it’s not always laugh out loud hilarious.

Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base – Having Adam Driver in this sketch is what truly makes it great. If this would have been written with any of the cast members as Kylo Ren, it just wouldn’t have worked as well. It was inevitable that there would be some kind of Star Wars sketch, but I didn’t think it would be this good. I’m happy that the writers came through with something as funny as this.

America’s Funniest Cats Cats – The placement of this sketch seemed a little odd, because this feels like it should have been a 10-to-1 sketch. But it certainly holds up beyond just being simply weird. Mocking America’s Funniest Home videos and our obsession with cat videos at the same time, the sketch really takes off when Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon show up as the hosts of the French version of the show, with a much more bleak outlook on cat life.

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