Adam Driver Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

New Look – The mockumentary exploits of Kyle Mooney continue to be one of the comedian’s best contributions to the series. This time Kyle Mooney is struggling with all the attention and success Pete Davidson is finding since becoming engaged to pop star Ariana Grande, and Mooney decides to change his style and personality to basically become Pete Davidson. Again, it’s the way this pre-recorded sketch is played straight that makes it hilarious. It gets a little off the rails with the Roman-esque face-off on the monologue stage, but it’s still a solid entry in the continued series.

Coffee Shop – Another example of Adam Driver playing a character that is true to himself brought some good laughs as he gets enraged about being duped into drinking Burger King coffee. Initially, this felt like it was going to be a carbon copy of the famous sketch about Columbian Decaffeinated Coffee Crystals starring Chris Farley, but thankfully it took a different turn. Cecily Strong’s turn works similarly as she feels genuinely confused and outraged all at once.

Neo-Confederate Meeting – In a sketch that feels inspired by Adam Driver’s turn in BlacKkKlansman, these Neo-Confederate boys are looking for a new place to go where they won’t be bothered. Driver’s character recommends Vermont as the best place for them to be happy, but it just all sounds too good to be true. This feels a little too close to home to be as funny as it otherwise could be, but the character work done by Beck Bennett was outstanding, feeling almost like a redneck version of PC Principal on South Park.

The Worst

Fortnite Squad – The premise for this sketch is lazy. Oh, a step-father doesn’t know how to play a video game? Hilarious. I’ll admit that the physical comedy used to recreate the gameplay of Fortnite was mildly amusing, but otherwise the comedic timing felt off, the cuts to reaction shots felt poorly timed as well, and this feels like a sketch that was cut to pieces for time. But even without all that, it was just a lame sketch all around.

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