House Of The Dragon Keeps The Game Of Thrones Visual Goof Tradition Alive

This article contains spoilers for episode three of "House of the Dragon"

The big wide world of Westeros is so full of political scheming, fire-breathing dragons, and bloody human cruelty that you'd think it would be difficult to shift your eyes away from the main action. But even in a production like "House of the Dragon," one of the biggest shows on television, it's the little details that catch people's attention. And in this case, it's one that repeats a "Game of Thrones' blunder.

As if the maligned eighth season of "Game of Thrones" didn't already have folks dissecting every single moment and character, you may remember that infamous Starbucks incident, in which one of the coffee corporation's paper cups could be seen in full view on a table in Winterfell beside Daenerys. Everyone laughed in good fun, as they should. Emilia Clarke even jokingly admitted that Varys actor Conleth Hill was the one behind "coffeegate."

I think it's hilarious that a multi-million dollar show with impeccable attention to detail managed to let such a glaring mistake get through. The jesting is all in good fun though. These things happen. 

And something similar just happened in the latest episode of "House of the Dragon."

King Viserys I seems to be healing quite nicely

In the pilot episode, King Viserys (Paddy Considine) is nicked by the Iron Throne, foreshadowing the rapid deterioration of his health. By episode two, the King had shown signs of rot on the same finger. In episode three, his pinky and ring fingers are missing, having likely been amputated due to the advancement of the disease eating away at him.

But some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that in the scene where Viserys hands off a message meant for Prince Daemon (Matt Smith), a green glove can be seen on his hand. It looks like the King is healing up pretty well, as both fingers seem to have sprouted back out of thin air. Of course, this bright green glove was supposed to be digitally removed in post-production, creating the illusion of the king missing a few fingers.

It isn't on screen for very long, so there's a good chance you probably missed it. But this is the internet we're talking about. Mistakes live forever, no matter how many post-production corrections the crew makes after the fact. Sometimes background flubs can make the viewing experience even more fun. For example, I can never watch "Star Wars" without waiting for that one stormtrooper to bonk his head while walking through the overhead door.

As of now, the flub can still be seen on HBO Max. Although it will likely be corrected within the next few days.

You can find new episodes of "House of the Dragon" every Sunday night on HBO and HBO Max.