John Williams Debuts Indiana Jones 5 Song 'Helena's Theme' In Concert At Hollywood Bowl

Here's a dose of pure euphoria for your day: legendary composer John Williams performed at the Hollywood Bowl last night, and shared a brand new piece of music called "Helena's Theme" from the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones film. This marks the first time Williams has created new music for one of his most beloved franchise collaborations in well over a decade, and the song is remarkably beautiful.

As captured in several audience members' videos, including one uploaded to YouTube by music video and television cinematographer Chuck Ozeas (below), 90-year-old Williams faced the crowd and described a conversation he had with "Indiana Jones 5" director James Mangold:

"[I was] having a chat with our wonderful director Jim Mangold, who's the most fantastic man, and last week as we recorded the music, Jim said, 'Why don't you play it at the Bowl next week?' I said, 'Well, Jim, the picture's not coming out until next year.' 'That doesn't matter! Play it at the Bowl!' So here is Phoebe's theme."

Williams describes Phoebe Waller-Bridge's character, Helena, as "an adventuress" and "a femme fatale," and says her theme includes "lyrical music like an old movie star, which she looks like." What follows then is nearly 4 minutes of musical bliss the likes of which only Williams could come up with.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's character gets a musical introduction

Not only is this a gorgeous, classic theme that evokes instant emotion like all the best Williams scores do, but it also reveals a bit of news about the movie itself. Details about Waller-Bridge's character have been sparse, but now we know her name, Helena, and have at least some idea about what to expect from her. The "Fleabag" actor will play the female lead alongside Harrison Ford's Jones, while Mads Mikkelsen, Antonio Banderas, and Boyd Holbrook are among the supporting cast members of "Indiana Jones 5."

Mangold took to Twitter to share praise for Williams' work, linking to Ozeas' video and commenting:

This man is so gifted, charming & in love w/ making his art, even at 90. Astonishing to consider the worldwide impact of John's music & his ability to tune modern ears into the passion & purity of an orchestra. It's a euphoric honor to collaborate w/ him.

While Williams joked that he's sharing the music "like six months too early," attendees at the Hollywood Bowl and fans of his decades of work will surely be glad he did. It's incredible that a musician who already shaped the sounds of a half-century's worth of cinema — from "Jaws" to "Star Wars" to "Jurassic Park" — can still create a piece that sounds brand new, but that's the enduring magic John Williams for you.

"Indiana Jones 5" will hit theaters June 30, 2023.