It Sounds Like A New Friday The 13th Movie Is Officially, And Finally, In The Works

Update: Well, sorry to disappoint, but according to The Wrap, there is not a new "Friday the 13th" movie on the way. New Line told the publication that the viral post teasing a potential movie was "just for fun." Of course, this could all be a trick to make us let our guard down so Jason can sneak up behind us. We'll see. The original story continues below.

This is not a drill, horror fans: After well over a decade it seems that a new "Friday the 13th" movie is finally on the way, for real this time. Yes, it has been years and years of back and forth, rumors, hearsay, and uncertainty, but the folks at New Line Cinema just dropped a crystal clear hint that, when coupled with other recent evidence, it becomes extremely obvious that Jason Voorhees is coming back sooner rather than later.

As we can see, the studio's Instagram account is having a bit of fun here by suggesting that Jason Voorhees has learned how to use a cell phone and/or computer and is trying to send the studio a message. Whatever clever gimmick is being employed here is irrelevant. What is inescapably clear is that this is the first tease that the first movie to feature the slasher icon will be coming our way since the 2009 "Friday the 13th" remake. If I may? F*** yes. Absolutely f*** yes. It's machete time, campers.

As many fans of the franchise are surely aware, a messy lawsuit between original director Sean Cunningham and screenwriter Victor Miller tied up the rights for years. The finer details of the legal dispute are messy but, as was indicated last year, it seems the lawsuit has been settled. That means New Line is finally free to pursue a new film. Now the big question: what form will that ultimately take?

What exactly does this mean?

It seems highly unlikely that we will get a sequel to the 2009 film given that it has been so long. What we are most probably looking at in this case is another full-on reboot. Then again, we could go the legacy sequel route, much like what was done with 2018's "Halloween" or the recent "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on Netflix, with a new film serving as a more direct sequel to the original.

Whatever the case, this little social media tease is just the latest in a line of breadcrumbs suggesting "Friday the 13th" is finally on the way back. Producer Roy Lee teased in an interview with Bloody Disgusting that we might be getting news on that front soon, while Cunningham posted in his Cameo bio that the 13th installment in the franchise was coming our way in 2023. Safe to say, those teases are going to actually lead to something this time around.

We expect to hear more on the return of Jason Voorhees very soon and we will be sure to bring any new details your way as soon as we get them. So keep your eyes peeled and stay away from lakes filled with horny teenagers because, for the first time in a long time, that may not be safe.