Don't Watch She-Hulk If You're Avoiding The Sopranos Spoilers

By definition, spoilers are no fun. No one wants to have their good time spoiled by anything or anybody. If you're one of those people who finds enjoyment in spoiling films and TV shows for others, then you're a jerk.

But sometimes spoilers can come by accident. Your friend could let a spoiler slip without even thinking. Or you might unintentionally overhear a spoiler from a nearby conversation. And it's even possible that, as part of your job, you could be interviewing someone from a show that's adapted from a comic book. Then the actor wrongly assumes that everyone at the roundtable has read the latest issue, starts talking about your favorite character's death, and you get spoiled because you read the book in trades. (Yes, this really happened. Thanks, Norman Reedus.)

Similarly, if people wrongly assume that you've seen a TV show that's been out for 15 years, then that's another way that you could accidentally be spoiled. So it's a little hard to be mad at someone when something like that happens right? Well, maybe, maybe not. Either way, this is all to say that fans of "She-Hulk: Attorney At Law" that have not seen "The Sopranos" yet should be warned because the fourth episode contains some major spoilers for the acclaimed HBO organized crime series. And Wong (Benedict Wong) found out the hard way.

(Ironically, this article contains mild SPOILERS for episode 4 of "She-Hulk: Attorney At Law," but not for "The Sopranos." Still, proceed with caution.)

Steer the ship the best way you know

In the latest edition of the Jade Giantess' Disney+ series, we meet Donny Blaze. He's a cut-rate Los Angeles magician that once studied the Mystic Arts in Kamar Taj, but was ejected after a week for summoning some kegs and his fraternity brothers to the sacred city that molded Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo, and the current Sorcerer Supreme, Wong. However, when he was dismissed, he took a Sling Ring with him and incorporated magic that he cannot control into his act. 

At the beginning of the episode, he transports volunteer Madisynn King to another dimension during his poorly attended and poorly received stage show. Somehow, she was able to find another inter-dimensional portal that led her to Wong's room in Nepal as he was sitting down to watch "Long Term Parking," which is season 5 episode 12 of "The Sopranos." And since she was likely still drunk from her time at Blaze's theater, she blurted out a huge spoiler from that episode without even thinking. After finding out how she came to be in his presence, Wong rightly declared, "Donny Blaze is going to pay for this."

Later, after Jennifer Walters sends a cease and desist to Blaze on behalf of Wong to stop his reckless use of real magic, both parties find themselves in court to resolve the issue. While things don't exactly go Wong's way in the courtroom, they continue to go downhill as Madisynn, who had just been partying again before being called in as a witness, spoiled another big moment from "The Sopranos" for Wong as the pair went off to find froyo.

Find your pleasures where you can

Poor Wong. He just wanted to start watching an awesome "new" show. I'll bet that he missed it the first time around because he was busy studying or saving the world. But still, as annoyed as he was by the party girl's spoilers, he mostly kept his cool, which is something more people should do when they hear about spoilers in a non-malicious fashion.

If professional wrestling has taught us anything, it's that you can know the outcome of something and still enjoy it. As BJ Colangelo points out in her excellent article about spoiler culture, "knowing these spoilers didn't ruin the stories, because the context surrounding these moments is what makes them effective." That's what motivated wrestling fans to switch channels from "WCW Monday Nitro" to "WWE Raw" back in the day so they could see Mick Foley win the WWE Championship after Eric Bischoff leaked the results of Vince McMahon's show earlier that night.

And that's why Wong kept watching "The Sopranos" after Madisynn unintentionally spoiled episode 12 of season 5 for him. Why rob yourself of the joy of award-winning storytelling and the context that makes it so good? Plus, he made a new bestie that he could talk to about the show and their favorite cocktails, as seen in the "She-Hulk" episode 4 post-credits scene. As someone who values friendships built on mutual love of media, I can tell you that it's great having friends like this. But at the end of the day, if you still plan on watching "The Sopranos" at some point and are avoiding spoilers, then I recommend muting the latest "She-Hulk" from 4:25 – 4:37 and from 17:43 – 17:55 while watching.  

You're welcome.

"She-Hulk: Attorney At Law" drops new episodes on Disney+ every Thursday.