Cobra Kai Season 5 Has A Very Specific Robert Rodriguez Easter Egg

Spoilers ahead for the first episode of "Cobra Kai" season 5.

You're probably tired right now, after staying up all night to watch season 5 of the Netflix series "Cobra Kai." It's understandable. The show, which was originally created for YouTube Red, has become a huge hit, and was a pandemic binge for so many of us. There is something so comforting about revisiting characters we loved when we were younger, and seeing how they've changed ... and how they haven't. 

The series takes place decades after the events of the first four "The Karate Kid" films, and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) have kids of their own now. Johnny is still a screw up, but he's trying to make things right. In the first episode, he goes after his student Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), who has taken off to Ceuta, Mexico to find his biological father. Of course, he also takes Miguel's rival, his own son Robby (Tanner Buchanan) along for the ride. 

When Johnny and Robby get to the Mexican town, there is a pretty fantastic nod to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, with the addition of a song from his 1995 film "Desperado."

Canción del Mariachi

In the scene, Johnny and Robby are looking for the address that Miguel had for his father. Poor Miguel was scammed by some Australian beach thieves who show him the address on a map, while one of them steals his backpack, demanding money for its return. They attempt to scam Johnny the same way, but before one of the jerks can take Johnny's wallet, he knocks the guy out. Johnny may not be the best at polite conversation or social media, but he knows when he's being scammed. Robby steps in, and the beatdown begins. 

All the while, "Canción del Mariachi" ("Morena de Mi Corazón") plays in the background. It's not just any version though. It's the one that opened the Robert Rodriguez film, with Antonio Banderas singing and Los Lobos playing. Now, there may not be many parallels between "Desperado" and "Cobra Kai," but one could certainly imagine that Johnny Lawrence in his late 20s, buzzed from drinking a Coors Banquet or five, seeing the scene and thinking it was, as he would put it, badass. 

In "Desperado," while Banderas' El Mariachi is playing on stage, he's using his guitar to smack the heads of some creeps harassing a woman in the audience. That is very Johnny Lawrence — in his own head, at least. Between this song and the Spanish language version of the 1990 Poison song "Unskinny Bop" that's playing when he and Robby stop at a gas station, the soundtrack for the first episode is pretty epically Johnny. 

The Emmy-nominated "Cobra Kai" is currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix.