Sinking Spring: Everything We Know So Far About Ridley Scott's Drug Ring Drama Series

Sir Ridley Scott is 84 years young and is still going strong as one of the most consistent, professional, and reliable filmmakers currently working. Never mind the fact that his recent creative output rivals those more than half his age or that his cast and crew always praise his ability to know exactly what he wants and how to achieve it, but to do so at such high quality for so many decades speaks to just the kind of unique talent the acclaimed director really is. So, naturally, he has another project lined up in the form of the Apple TV+ series "Sinking Spring," with some of the most exciting talent already on board (and, in all likelihood, more still to come).

As old-school as he may be, Scott is certainly no stranger to the streaming spaces that have grown to become so popular these days, having directed two episodes of HBO Max's "Raised by Wolves" series. Increasingly a refuge to the kinds of auteur filmmakers who may find increased difficulty in financing their original stories with each passing year, the streamers have courted a whole range of top-tier talent, like Martin Scorsese. Scott's association will undoubtedly further bolster the streamer's reputation while giving audiences yet another must-see item to put on their watchlist. 

Here's everything we know so far about "Sinking Spring."

When and where to watch Sinking Spring

As mentioned above, "Sinking Spring" will be made available on streaming and exclusively to subscribers of the Apple TV+ platform. No release date has been announced or even vaguely alluded to at such an early point in the project's development, though it's almost certain to be a little while. 

Scott currently has commitments for his upcoming film "Napoleon" feature film (also debuting on Apple and formerly known under the title "Kitbag") and also his long-in-the-works "Gladiator" sequel that actually appears to be closer to reality than previously assumed. Even under a filmmaker as famously efficient as Scott, it might be somewhat touch-and-go to add the directing gig for "Sinking Spring" into his incredibly busy schedule. Be sure to stay tuned as more updates come our way.

What Sinking Spring will be about

"Sinking Spring" is based on a 2009 novel written by author Dennis Tafoya, titled "Dope Thief." Now being adapted as an eight-episode drama series, the production has recruited creative talent such as Scott, who'll be directing an unknown number of episodes in addition to executive producing, along with writer Peter Craig. The latter is currently flying high off his "Story by" credit for "Top Gun: Maverick" and has also worked on the scripts for Matt Reeves' "The Batman," "Bad Boys for Life," the two-part "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" movies, and Ben Affleck's 2010 thriller "The Town." Craig will also serve as an executive producer and will even direct an episode. Tafoya will remain involved as a consulting producer.

In some ways, this project will harken back to Ridley Scott's previous 2013 movie, "The Counselor," which dealt with the violent drug trade along the United States borders. Here's The Hollywood Reporter's description of the story:

"Sinking Spring" revolves around longtime Philly friends and delinquents who pose as DEA agents to rob an unknown house in the countryside, only to have their small-time grift become a life-and-death enterprise, as they unwittingly reveal and unravel the biggest hidden narcotics corridor on the Eastern seaboard.

What we know about the Sinking Spring cast and crew

THR reports that Brian Tyree Henry, currently starring in "Bullet Train" and soon on FX with the final season of "Atlanta," has been cast as the lead on "Sinking Spring." The rest of the cast has yet to round out, but Henry's addition bodes well after having starred in other recent productions such as Marvel's "Eternals," "The Woman in the Window," "Godzilla vs Kong," "Joker," and even a voice role in the animated "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and its upcoming sequel. With his obligations to "Atlanta" now complete, Henry will be able to pivot to "Sinking Spring" in between his next few upcoming projects, as well. 

Once again, stay tuned to /Film for any and all "Sinking Spring" updates that come our way.