Every Onscreen John Constantine Ranked

John Constantine is a fascinating character not just in the realm of DC Comics, but for modern comics as a whole. The occultist is both a fun and tragic character, never diving deep into edgy territory and always being entertaining to read, even if some of his stories are better than others. This isn't even taking into consideration how badass he can be.

With a character like this, it shouldn't be a surprise that Constantine has been portrayed in animated, live-action, and even auditory media. After all, he's grown a pretty big fanbase after his involvement in the "Hellblazer," "Justice League Dark," and, of course, "Sandman" comics. All of these portrayals are great in their own right, but some of these are admittedly better than others in terms of characterization and execution. Here are the most prominent examples of Constantine getting the adaptation treatment, ranked by some very scientific barometers.

4. Keanu Reeves Constantine - Constantine (2005)

It really does pain me to put my darling Keanu at the very bottom of this list. I don't even think this performance of his is necessarily bad, nor does he seem like an unconvincing Constantine. However, the script that he is reciting makes him out to be more of a generic exorcist rather than the Hellblazer himself. A fitting performance can only work if the writing is just as properly characterized, which means that Reeves' turn as Constantine just wasn't meant to be.

Effectiveness at fighting demons: This Constantine seems to be really unlucky most of the time, only really succeeding due to quick thinking or divine intervention.

Moodiness: The dude lit up a cigarette after getting told he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. That's all you really need to know.

Likelihood that he'll save you: If you're possessed, then he'll save you. Not sure about any other time, though.

3. Taron Egerton Constantine - The Sandman Audiobook (2020)

Okay, listen. I know that the title of this piece contains the word "onscreen," and that this shouldn't count because this version of Constantine is never actually shown due to it being an audiobook. However, you should consider the fact that this list needs to have a little teeny bit of suspense, so you're just going to have to deal with this performance being on here.

Effectiveness at fighting demons: Honestly, I have no idea how he'd handle a life-threatening situation, as he doesn't actually encounter any major threats in his audiobook appearance. Maybe he'd be great, maybe he wouldn't. Who knows!

Moodiness: Good grief, if this list was ranked by moodiness, this version would be on top. This Constantine is as moody as Batman!

Likelihood that he'll save you: See the above entry on his effectiveness.

2. Jenna Coleman Constantine - The Sandman (2022)

It's a bit strange putting this version of Constantine on this list, but of course, it was strange when it was revealed that Coleman will be playing both Johanna Constantine from the 18th century and from modern times. While an unexpected change, it was certainly a welcome one — after all, variety is the spice of life, and it's not like gender-bending the character would be unreasonable given the family's history. This version is a bit smarmier than her male counterparts, but she still moves through the world in a way only a cynic can, making her more than worthy of the Constantine name and coat.

Effectiveness at fighting demons: Other than that one Astra incident, she seems pretty capable of whiffing away demons with only a few Latin phrases.

Moodiness: Her moodiness is more subtle than the others on this list, but if you really pay attention to her, you'll know she's just as depressed as her counterparts. Maybe even more!

Likelihood that she'll save you: She probably will be able to help you out, as long as you pay her triple her usual rate.

1. Matt Ryan Constantine - Constantine, Arrowverse, and miscellaneous (2014 to present)

Come on, did you really think any other version of Constantine would take the top spot? While other actors may come and go, Ryan will likely be remembered as the definitive version of the character for years to come. This isn't even taking into account him being the most prolific actor to take on the character. It's ultimately his depth of emotion that makes him the best Constantine. While smarmy and pessimistic, his genuine desire to help others is perfectly clear in everything he does. Not only that but he's arguably got the best one-liners out of all the other portrayals of the character.

Effectiveness at fighting demons: Well, not all of his jobs get perfect results, but then again, who is perfect at their jobs? All things considered, he's gotten more problems solved than most.

Moodiness: He's got that perfect balance of dreariness and smartassery. He's kind of a mess but doesn't let that fact dictate his entire personality.

Likelihood that he'll save you: You've got a fairly good shot at surviving a demonic encounter if you have this Constantine by your side. That is, if you've encountered him after the events of his solo series.