Our 10 Biggest Predictions For The Boys Season 4

By the "The Boys" Season 3 finale, the once-united Supe-punching gang is a mess. While Hughie, M.M., Butcher, and Frenchie started Season 1 on a mission to takedown Vought's "heroes," the group now realizes their fight is more complex. Thanks to team members like Maeve, Kimiko, and Annie, the Boys finally understand that their short-term-focused approach to fighting Supes would long-term translate into a devastating genocide for humans who never asked to be Vought's experiments. Yes, Homelander is a huge problem, but that's due to the systemic issues that created him; the Boys have only made his rage worse. But Butcher, just like in the comic run the series is based on, fails to see any problem with destroying all Supes — a fact he tells Maeve, right before sleeping with her. 

When Soldier Boy resurfaces in Season 3, Butcher attempts to use him (not unlike how Vought uses Supes as weapons) to defeat Homelander. His choices almost kill his entire team, unleashes an atomic-bomb-level threat into the open that obliterates dozens of Herogasm attendees, and sentences himself to death. Although the Boys manage to put Soldier Boy back on ice and ward off Homelander's attacks in Season 3's finale, it's clear Butcher's plan backfired. Thanks to Butcher's impulsive actions, Homelander feels more emblazoned to embrace the mayhem of authoritarianism and use Vought's immense capital to corrupt America's political system. Here are my predictions for how "The Boys" Season 4 will tackle the now-fractured group and Butcher's hellbent obsession. 

Annie will master her flying power

Annie has endured a gambit of abuse for three seasons, so I am here for her time to shine (pun intended) in Season 4. Season 3 of "The Boys" saw Annie ditching her Starlight getup, joining the Boys officially, and leveling up. Let's be honest, after watching her unending patience with Hughie's power-hungry behavior in Season 3 that teetered between fragile masculinity and a dishonest and crappy boyfriend, Annie deserves a win. 

Thankfully, the Season 3 finale shows Hughie letting go of his need to feel as (or more) powerful than Annie and gives her the best Hail Mary play in the entire series thus far. During the team's face-off against Soldier Boy and Homelander, Hughie aids Annie from a nearby control room by powering up the lights around her. Juiced on a ton of electricity, Annie levitates off the ground and is the only one to deliver a devasting blow to Soldier Boy. Even Maeve tells her, "You can f—ing fly." This opens up a wealth of possibilities for Annie's powers in Season 4, but most likely means she'll experiment with soaking up more ambient electricity to take her capabilities to new heights. I can't wait to see what an Annie, channeling an entire power grid, might be able to accomplish in a fight against Homelander.

Maeve won't return with powers

I'm very skeptical that Maeve won't appear at least once in "The Boys" Season 4. However, if she does return to help the Boys, it's unlikely she'll regain any superpowers. Partially, this is because the show's Season 3 finale already echoed how the comic run created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson ended Maeve's arc. As Starlight and Homelander fight to the death, Maeve saves her, which is basically what happens in the series' latest episode. Maeve sacrifices herself to protect everyone from both Homelander and Soldier Boy. Thankfully, Maeve doesn't die, but a version of her did: Her powers are gone for good.

Additionally, "The Boys" creator Eric Kripke seems fairly content with how Maeve's heroic arc played out over the course of three seasons, though he teased her inevitable return. "A lot of the big story is Annie finally stepping up and emerging as the hero she needs to be," Kripke said to TVLine. "In classic [story] structure, it's time for her mentor and protector to go and let her stand on her own two feet ... [Maeve and Dominique are] going to definitely take a break... but the series will definitely not end without seeing Maeve again."

Noir will return ... sort of?

Only a show like "The Boys" can make you mourn a homicidal superhero. While Black Noir has always been a fan-favorite character, the show veered away from examining his background until this recent season. It's a wise but naturally frustrating choice to have the same season that gifts you Black Noir's backstory to be the one that killed him. Again, the show pokes the viewer to examine your "heroes" and hold two separate truths in your brain at once: yes, Black Noir is powerful and mysterious and has a heartbreaking origin story, but he's still Homelander's second-in-command. Despite its gut-filled seasons, "The Boys" still has morals guiding the story. Nothing ever goes unpunished for long, even if we spend enough time with characters to realize that villains are people in immense pain.

However, "The Boys" creator Eric Kripke has already teased that a version of Black Noir will resurface at some point in the future. In his words, "Here's what I will say for any Black Noir fans that are mourning his passing: A completely silent masked superhero is super easy to recast. And there's a reason they haven't told the public that Noir is dead. So this is not the last we've seen of Noir. This is just the last we've seen of that version."

Ryan's going full-Brightburn

The second that "The Boys" revealed that Homelander had a son, the internet jumped on the show's similarities to "Brightburn." For those who haven't seen the 2019 film directed by David Yarovesky, imagine a child mysteriously appearing on a farm to a couple who can't conceive. On Earth, and thanks to its yellow sun, the possibly alien child has immense powers like laser-vision, flight, and super-strength. Sound familiar? Basically, the story alluded to, without ever directly stating, that it's a version of Superman's origin story. However, in this one, the young Superman has violent outbursts and eventually goes on killer rampages.

Since Season 3 left off with Ryan teaming up with Homelander, I'm willing to bet we'll see Ryan venture into the dark side. He may not become completely evil like Homelander, but a subversive satire like "The Boys" probably wouldn't miss out on the chance to show a superhero child with unchecked powers experiencing his first second murder on-screen. Eric Kripke hasn't confirmed this will happen, but he leaned into its potential when Bleeding Cool asked about Ryan's future: "Ryan is a really important piece of the story because he's half Becca, half Homelander. If Butcher can figure out how to get his s— together and get the kid back, that could be the single best weapon they have against Homelander ... If Homelander wins the kid over, that's apocalyptic because then there's two Homelanders ... It's like 'Kramer vs. Kramer' meets 'Avengers: Endgame.'"

A-Train's not going back to Homelander

Welp, A-Train finally got his powers back, but with the caveat that he has to live with his enemy's heart inside him. What a time for him to survive! Most of Season 3 showcased A-Train crawling closer to his redemption arc — and all his missteps along the way. He half-heartedly helps out his neighbors, which leads him to discover the systemic injustice afoot in his Black community that he previously overlooked. No one punishes Blue Hawk for paralyzing his brother, so he murders him. A-Train gives Hughie an earnest apology for murdering his girlfriend, which lands him a frustrated superpowered punch to the face.

Still, A-Train sides with Homelander throughout Season 3. However, his reasoning for doing so was mostly rooted in self-preservation. He was essentially powerless, and Homelander blackmailed him to follow orders or he'd expose that A-Train couldn't use his powers without dying. Now that A-Train has his powers back, and a literal new heart, it remains to be seen how he'll act. Perhaps he'll find his way to the Boys, but based on his past record, I imagine it'll be a season-long journey filled with amends and little victories before he gets there. Regardless, he could be done supporting Homelander now that he has nothing to lose and Season 4's A-Train will be focused on how to escape Vought's grasp safely.

The Seven are canceled

The era of The Seven is over. During one of Homelander's many self-important monologues throughout Season 3, he admits that he always thought that the Vought team could be his family. Now he realizes that he was wrong and he doesn't need to represent a team because he has himself and Ryan. Considering this change of heart, and that Homelander controls all of Vought now, there's doubt he'll be in a rush to usher in a new dawn for The Seven. 

It's unclear what this will mean for The Deep or the essentially trapped Vought CEO Ashley, but Season 3 ended with them embracing their lackey-like roles, so I expect their servitude will continue in Season 4. That is until Homelander likely kills one or both. My money is on Homelander murdering Ashley, as I'm not sure how long she can hide Maeve's survival from the paranoid Homelander, especially now that he has Vought's money and surveillance system at his disposal. But then again, maybe Homelander will get bored of torturing The Depp and kill him for fun, as he doesn't really do many useful things for Vought.

Kimiko will speak to Frenchie

One of the best moments in "The Boys" Season 3 was Kimiko's musical number with Frenchie. As viewers who've spent plenty of time with Kimiko, we know that she feels deeply for Frenchie but is equally frustrated with how she can't put this into words. Nothing expresses longing as big and decorative as musicals do, so seeing her (albeit in her head) sing and dance with love gave such a beautiful moment for her character to experience. In reality, sadly, Kimiko can't verbalize her feelings aloud to Frenchie. She signs with him but she shows frustration at not being able to speak to him as others can. 

For some time, it's been unclear if the show would keep Kimiko mute or if they'd open up the possibility for her to speak again. I don't feel the show necessarily needs Kimiko to use spoken language — especially if they have more sequences showing us her wide range of emotions — but the musical makes you wonder if it's building towards a moment where she will speak to Frenchie. Physically, it's possible that she can still speak, as we heard her audibly laugh at Stormfront during Season 2's finale. And considering that Kimiko and Frenchie are still hashing out the terms of their relationship to each other, it's likely that if a romantic declaration of love comes forth, it'd be reserved for Frenchie's ears only.

Homelander will kill Victoria Neuman

Sorry, Victoria, but you should know better than anyone that those who get close to Homelander wind up dead. Although Season 3 showed Homelander manipulating American politics from the sidelines, his megalomania will most likely push him to take center stage soon. I bet that in Season 4, even if he starts out as an ally of sorts to Victoria Neuman's campaign, that he'll eventually make a move towards running for president. If not that, then we'll see him using Vought's capital to be the hands that pull the U.S. government's strings. Either way, someone like Victoria, an independent, quick-witted, and opportunistic individual, won't last long around Homelander. He doesn't take kindly to playing with others that he can't control like Black Noir or The Deep — and if they hide secrets from him, he will punch right through their bodies.

In "The Boys" comic run created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Victor Neuman (the character that inspired Victoria) has a grisly fate. Homelander decapitates the politician and sodomizes his head. It's worth noting that Victor didn't have Supe powers, so hopefully, Victoria's death won't be as gnarly. Also, in her defense, we have no idea what Supe powers her daughter manifested. If Victoria does survive, her daughter could play a vital part.

Butcher's impending death will spark his genocidal rage

Even after knowing the dangerous side effects of Temp V, Butcher doses up to fight Homelander. At this point, Butcher's sense of self-preservation is gone. While we don't know how long it'll take for the brain-melting side effects to start, Butcher has used the substance enough to damn himself. A deteriorating brain certainly won't help his anger issues.

Throughout the series, Butcher has grown increasingly obsessed with destroying Homelander, especially after he kidnaps his son and has a hand in Becca's death. But as that fascination grows, so does his pursuit to discover a way to destroy all Supes. He tells Maeve this despite being friends with her, and sleeping with her on at least one occasion. In Season 3, Butcher admits that he only sees Kimiko has a hired gun. He has never treated Starlight/Annie with any respect, to the point that he ignores Annie's request to have him and Hughie stop taking Compound V24 because it might hurt his single-minded mission. He also lashes out against Ryan for having powers. His actions show that he doesn't value any Supe and scarily paves the way for an even more unhinged Butcher to surface in Season 4.

Soldier Boy's powers will become Homelander's weapon

How will Butcher end up destroying all Supes exactly? Soldier Boy will possibly once again play a part in Butcher's homicidal schemes. Well, his powers at least. At the end of Season 3, Soldier Boy is put into a cryogenic-induced sleep. And whose watch does he ultimately end up under? None other than Grace Mallory, a consistent ally of Butcher who also has a vendetta against Supes due to her past trauma. As someone with a checkered CIA history, Mallory is no stranger to skirting around laws to get the team the desired result.

I would not put it past Butcher and Mallory to experiment (again) on Soldier Boy to hopefully access whatever it is about his powers that take powers away from Supes. Armed with a weapon like that, Butcher's ultimate goal to eradicate Supes could happen. The type of fused weapon may maim and kill huge populations of Supes, just as Soldier Boy's power blast almost killed Kimiko and did kill almost everyone at Herogasm. In that light, Season 4 could revolve around the Boys trying to stop this weapon from being created and the ever-constant threat of Soldier Boy escaping amidst the team's warring factions and pursuit of Homelander.