Brett Goldstein Reveals His Most Hilarious Ted Lasso Fan Interaction

Brett Goldstein has been a working actor for some time now but the man experienced arguably his first dose of real-dale fame when "Ted Lasso” became a big hit on Apple TV+. The beloved comedy stars Goldstein as fan-favorite soccer player Roy Kent, which will undoubtedly be a name that Golstein hears for the rest of his life.

But fame, it turns out, has many levels to it and Goldstein isn't quite on the level of say Tom Hanks, or even his co-star Jason Sudeikis. Case in point: He can still be mistaken for a drug dealer from time to time.

A hilarious interaction with a fan

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Goldstein discussed a particularly memorable interaction he had with a fan after "Ted Lasso" became a surprise breakout hit. At this stage, the actor is being recognized as the man behind Roy Kent. However, in this case, the fan in question was more convinced that Goldstein was a pathway to mind-altering substances.

"The best interaction I've had is, we were in a different country and I was with Phil Dunster who plays Jamie and this American guy with his girlfriend came up to me and went, 'Hey man, you know where I can get some drugs?' And before I was recognized for being Roy Kent, I used to always get asked for drugs because I look like I'm the guy you go to for drugs. And he went, 'Can you sell me drugs?' And then he stopped and he went, 'Man, you look like Roy Kent. Anyway, where can I get drugs?' [Laughs] Then he walked past Phil and he went, 'You look like Jamie Tartt!' Then he walked back to his girlfriend and said, "These two drug dealers look like Roy and Jamie." That was my favorite."

Not to make light of casual drug use or anything but at least Goldstein seems to have a sense of humor about that. What's more, it's remarkable that this individual was actually familiar with the show and the actors and yet, still thought they might just be a pathway to drugs who look like Roy and Jamie. Amazing stuff.

Fame only goes so far

The interesting thing about wanting to act professionally is that there is absolutely a trade-off; if you want to have a big career with options, you will undoubtedly become famous. That fame can help land bigger, more attractive roles but that means getting recognized and giving up a certain amount of anonymity. In the case of someone like Tom Cruise, it means never being able to go anywhere again like a regular person. Goldstein exists somewhere in the middle, certainly someone who will be recognized but not on that global superstar level.

In this very specific instance, we see that fame only extends so far. It's something many people want, many actors kind of need to some degree, and something a lot of us spend a lot of time focusing on. Yet, in the real world, even the guy behind Roy Kent can still be mistaken for a run-of-the-mill drug dealer — even if he look suspiciously like Roy Kent.

"Ted Lasso" is streaming on Apple TV+.