Jane: Everything We Know So Far About Alfonso Cuarón's Philip K. Dick Biopic

Philip K. Dick is one of the most prolific science fiction authors of all time, and his short stories and novels have been fodder for frequent screen adaptations. Movies like "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," "Minority Report," "A Scanner Darkly," and "The Adjustment Bureau" all derive from Dick's bibliography, as do the Prime Video series "The Man in the High Castle" and "Electric Dreams." "Jane," however, the latest Prime project drawn from Philip K. Dick, looks instead at the famed writer's own personal life. The title stems from the author's twin sister, Jane, who died six weeks after their premature birth and whose memory went on to inspire the "phantom twin" trope in his writing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Jane" will bring together the supernova talents of Charlize Theron and Alfonso Cuarón for an unconventional sort of biopic that will delve into some alternate reality fun with Dick and Jane, so to speak. The project is being made with the involvement of Dick's daughter, Isa Hackett, who will serve as producer alongside Theron and Cuarón. Here's what we know about "Jane" so far.

What we know about the story of Jane

In addition to them producing, Charlize Theron — who won the Oscar for Best Actress for "Monster" — is in talks to star in "Jane," and Alfonso Cuarón — a two-time winner of Best Director for "Gravity" and "Roma" — is in talks to direct. The official description of the film pegs it as "a moving, suspenseful and darkly humorous story about a woman's unique relationship with her brilliant, but troubled twin, who also happens to be the celebrated novelist Philip K. Dick. While attempting to rescue her brother from predicaments both real and imagined, Jane plunges deeper and deeper into a fascinating world of his creation."

This description obviously positions "Jane" as a biopic that will color outside the lines, since it's going to be leaning into Dick's preoccupation with alternate realities while framing the story from the perspective of a deceased person. The idea of a biopic with "real and imagined" scenarios is not entirely without precedent in Hollywood; one point of comparison for "Jane" might be the musical drama "Rocketman," which had the songs of Elton John bleed into fantasy sequences. Isa Hackett further elaborated on the approach "Jane" will take, describing the movie as follows:

"Befitting a man of his unique imagination, this film will defy the conventions of a biopic and embrace the alternate reality Philip K. Dick so desperately desired — one in which his beloved sister survived beyond six weeks of age. It is her story we will tell, her lens through which we will see him and his imagination. There is no better way to honor him than to grant him his wish, if only for the screen."

"Jane" is early in development and does not have a release date yet, but we'll keep you posted.