Los Espookys Season 2 Trailer: More Fantastic, More Mysterious, More Espookier

In the summer of 2019, HBO premiered what was arguably their most delightfully weird show in years — at least until perhaps Nathan Fielder's "The Rehearsal" — "Los Espookys." Created by Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and Julio Torres, the show was unique from the get-go: it was set in an unnamed Latin American country, and was mostly spoken in Spanish. But while we've seen other American-made shows use both Spanish and English in its dialogue, "Los Espookys" stood out because of how much importance it placed on both languages. 

Characters switch from English to Spanish with ease, the dialogue is lightning fast, and most importantly, there are subtitles for both Spanish and English, depending on which language is being spoken at a time. Jokes are written not for one audience over the other, but to unite both. Even if you speak both languages, the subtitles add an extra layer of comedy to the already funny dialogue, making this a bilingual delight.

In addition, the show is simply a lot of spooky fun. It stars Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco), Andrés (Torres), Tati (Fabrega), and her sister Úrsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti) as a group of friends who start a business staging events with a horror flair. Fans of horror, of genre, of anything weird will find something to love in this show, which is as bizarre and magical as a David Lynch story, and as funny as the best Edgar Wright genre-bending comedy.

It's been three years since "Los Espookys" became the best show no one was talking about, but we finally have our first glimpse at season 2 and it looks espookier than ever.

The horror-loving gang returns

The new season sees the return of Armisen as Renaldo's uncle, Andrés' demon, and more fan-favorite and very strange characters. New this season are Isabella Rossellini and also Oscar-nominated Yalitza Aparicio ("Roma") as what seems to be the literal moon.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the creators tease some of the storylines we'll see this season. Tati, who we left off last time having married a cookie magnate, has turned her troubled marriage into a very successful literary career. Meanwhile, Torres says Renaldo "is haunted by some kind of presence, and he feels compelled to help this mysterious stranger throughout the season and uncover some kind of a mystery." As for Andrés, he is forced to get a job in the real world and become a staircase model, because of course he is.

"Los Espookys" returns September 16, 2022 on HBO Max.