Here's Where You Can Stream Or Rent Every Predator Movie

(Welcome to Where to Watch, which provides a clear and simple answer to the question, "Hey, where can I watch this thing?" In this edition: every movie in the "Predator" franchise.)

The "Predator" franchise, much like its contemporary "Alien," is a mixed bag. You've got some really great entries, some terrible ones, and a few that just seem to kind of exist. However, those great movies in the series are the reason why the series continues to sporadically produce sequels — the idea at the center of the franchise, which is the existence of a menacing alien that vastly out-smarts and out-guns even the most well-equipped of humans, is a cool one.

It is this core idea that is once again present in "Prey," the latest entry of the franchise that takes the action all the way back to the Comanche Nation in the 1700s. The timeline presented to fans throughout the series is a bit complicated, but if you are looking to have a big marathon before "Prey" hits the small screen on August 5, you've come to the right place.

Predator (1987)

Where to Stream or Rent: Stream on Hulu, rent from Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, and Apple

This franchise-starter is, thankfully, not that hard to find on either streaming services or digital platforms. The action-packed, testosterone-dripping, and handshake-meme-creating film is a fascinating marriage of action and horror that shouldn't work but somehow does. Maybe it's the over-the-top machoism slowly being destroyed over the course of the movie, or maybe it's the genuinely good performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, the long-lasting appeal of "Predator" ultimately comes down to the titular alien, an all-around beast that not even the toughest badasses on the planet stand a chance against. Played by the late Kevin Peter Hall for this film and its proceeding sequel, his presence throughout the film is a terrifying one that effectively breaks up the lighthearted action antics of the mercenaries. Every fight scene between this creature and the humans is iconic, and you can very well argue that no others in the franchise have reached this level.

Predator 2 (1990)

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You either love "Predator 2," or you hate "Predator 2." If you are a "Predator" fan, you are likely in one of these camps (I, personally, love it) and no, there is no middle ground on this. If you still haven't decided what team you are on, you can stream it right now on Hulu or you can purchase it on your preferred digital film program. However you decide to watch it, you'll be able to witness what happens when an intergalactic alien gets in the way of a futuristic cartel war.

And what does happen? A lot of killing, obviously, this time not as obscured by shadows or camouflage as the titular Predator was in the first film. However, this time, the killings are happening in the grungey and hot Los Angeles, being investigated by LAPD Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) and the Predator-obsessed Special Agent Peter Keyes (Gary Busey). Come on, how can anyone hate this movie?

Alien vs. Predator (2004)

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Have you ever wanted to see a human character and a Predator have uncomfortable but also kind of intriguing sexual tension? No? Well, too bad because Paul W.S. Anderson gave it to us anyway. "Alien vs. Predator" does more continuity damage to the former franchise than it does to the latter, but it is still a bit of a confusing mess at times. However, like all Anderson movies, you'll still be able to have a lot of fun with it if you're in the right mindset. Thankfully, you'll be able to check it out whenever you want if you have a Hulu subscription.

After receiving word of a strange heat bloom near Antarctica, a group of scientists and other experts are sent by Charles Weyland (Lance Henriksen) to investigate. However, the group, which includes seasoned Arctic guide Lex Woods (Sanaa Lathan), is quickly met with intergalactic terror at the hands of a trio of Predators. They also discover the remnants of an ancient civilization that worshipped both the Predators and the Xenomorphs, prophesizing a return to Earth for both alien races for a ritualistic killing spree.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

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The good news about this sequel to "Alien vs. Predator" is that they listened to some of the feedback given about the lack of kills and gore. The bad news is that you can't really see any of them because it's such a darkly lit movie. Still, "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" is a good-old-fashioned slaughter-fest that can't help but embrace its own ridiculousness. For that alone, it's worth a stream on Hulu or even a rental if you're feeling frisky.

So, remember that Predalien that appeared at the end of "Alien vs. Predator"? It's now running around like a little scamp in a Colorado town along with its facehugger friends. As the townsfolk are trying to survive this horrible ordeal (seriously, a facehugger actually killed off a kid who couldn't have been older than 12), one of the Predators' best warriors has been dispatched to take care of the situation.

Predators (2010)

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After a Los Angeles adventure and a couple of fights with Xenomorphs, this entry in the franchise served as a return to form. It brought the action back to the jungle and placed a bunch of killers together against two factions of the famous aliens. "Predators" also has a larger emphasis on the sci-fi elements of the franchise, taking place on an unidentified planet where the human characters were left to die because of their deadly secrets.

This group of killers will be this movie's version of the special ops team from the original, with the audience learning more about their pasts as it progresses. While they originally bond together over their shared predicament, their secret lives, along with the four Predator creatures that are hunting them for sport, threaten to tear this alliance apart.

The Predator (2018)

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Funnily enough, Shane Black's reboot of the franchise that premiered to less-than-stellar reviews is the only one not streaming on Hulu. If you want to watch it from the comfort of your couch, then you'll either have to search it up on your preferred digital platform or have DirecTV as your home's satellite provider. The film is available in their streaming library, making it the only other place you can stream a "Predator" movie besides Hulu. Just don't expect any of the other movies to appear there.

While trying to retrieve hostages with his Army crew, Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) gets ambushed by a mysterious and deadly creature that has crash-landed onto Earth. That creature, of course, is the Predator, having been stripped of some armor by McKenna to send off to the government. However, this backfires after his son Rory (Jacob Tremblay) goes trick-or-treating with the armor and accidentally sends off signals alerting other Predators of its location. In order to stop the incoming invasion, Quinn must assemble a ragtag group of veterans and scientists to defeat all different kinds of Predators.

Prey (2022)

Where to Stream or Rent: Stream on Hulu (on August 5), rental distribution TBA

So far, it's not clear whether 20th Century has any plans to make "Prey" available on other digital platforms other than Hulu. It could eventually pop up on video-on-demand services, like how "Zack Snyder's Justice League" recently arrived on these platforms after over a year of being an HBO Max exclusive. However, it's likely that it will remain only on Hulu for the foreseeable future.

In 1719, a young Comanche woman named Naru (Amber Midthunder) is training herself to become one of the nation's hunters, a title typically held by men. When she is honing her skills one day, however, she discovers a terrifying and unearthly creature that is trying to stalk her people. When faced with skepticism, Naru must take matters into her own hands to protect her land and family from the most primal Predator fans have seen yet.