Fall Trailer: Horror Reaches New Heights And Gives Us A Panic Attack

The most beautiful thing about horror movies is that there's always something for everyone, no matter what keeps you up at night. Scared of clowns? Pennywise is here to give you nightmares. Creeped out by the supernatural? Good news, there's like, a million ghost movies. Just about every phobia that exists has been reflected in some way in a horror movie, but the apparent sadists at Lionsgate are taking acrophobia, or the phobia of heights, to an entirely new level with "Fall." The survival horror film follows a similar scenario as seen in films like "Open Water," Adam Green's "Frozen," or "47 Meters Down," but set at the top of an abandoned radio tower ... 2,000 feet in the sky.

The film follows two best friends, Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), who recreationally climb to high altitudes on mountains, buildings, and whatever else they can tackle. After Becky experiences a tragic loss during one of her climbing ventures, she can't seem to shake the fear, and stops climbing. When Hunter tries to recruit Becky on her death-defying adventure, Becky reluctantly agrees, hoping this could be what she needs to help her overcome her fear and learn to love climbing again. But, alas, this is a horror movie, so instead of climbing to the top and taking some cool selfies for the 'gram, everything that could go wrong does go wrong and now Becky and Hunter are trapped on a tiny platform half a mile IN THE AIR without supplies, a scorching sun, vertigo-inducing heights, and no way to get down.

Fall trailer

HAHAHAHA. NO. NO, THANK YOU. HARD PASS. 2 SPOOKY 4 ME. (Yes, I will 100% be seeing this.)

For those that were able to catch "The Black Phone" in theaters, there's a good chance you saw a teaser trailer for "Fall," which was just a CGI scroll up of the radio tower. Admittedly, the CGI didn't look super believable, and I sat in my AMC lounge chair thinking, "Hmm, I wish that didn't look so clunky." Well, there seems to have been a knuckle curled on a Monkey's paw somewhere, because this new trailer looks harrowing. My god. I could hear my heartbeat pounding while watching this trailer, and thinking about seeing it on the big screen made me sweat. I'm not even that scared of heights! The film also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan ("Watchmen," "The Walking Dead") and features Mason Gooding of "Scream 5" fame. The film is produced and directed by Scott Mann ("Final Score") from a script written by Mann and Jonathan Frank ("Final Score").

"Fall" will hit theaters on August 12, 2022. I'll be sure not to forget to take my Xanax that day.