Here's What Happens If You Call Surfer Boy Pizza's Number From Stranger Things 4

Spoilers for "Stranger Things" season 4 ahead.

"Stranger Things" season 4 is out in its entirety on Netflix. Although everyone is talking about Eddie (Joseph Quinn) as the breakout star, we can't forget about our new stoner buddy Argyle (Eduardo Franco). Not only is his hair fabulous, but he's got a vibe that is so chill, I feel relaxed just hearing his voice. Argyle isn't just a pot-smoking companion to Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton). He's also a businessman, working for Surfer Boy Pizza, and driving the delivery van. He may also be using the van to transport kids across state lines, but hey, he's trying to save the world, man. 

If you're one of those viewers who calls every phone number you see on the screen, you may know this already. If you didn't catch the number on the side of Argyle's van, get out your phone right now. You will get through to Surfer Boy Pizza, my dudes, and you'll hear a message from Argyle himself (via Teen Vogue).

For reference, the number is 805-45-PIZZA (805-457-4992), which you can see if you pause as the gang pulls up at one of the franchise locations. They're there to borrow a whole lot of salt, water, and a place for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) to float in. You won't be able to order if you call, but you'll get a full pizza monologue from Argyle.

Surf's up, dude!

The message is delightful. Argyle begins by saying, "Surf's up! Surfer Boy Pizza, this is Argyle speaking. We make everything fresh here at Surfer Boy, except for our pineapple, which comes from a can." I'm not sure if they change the message, but what I heard involved being put on hold and listening to Argyle discuss a specific and weird order that involves one piece of blue cheese. "Try before you deny, bro," he says. I love you, Argyle, but blue cheese and/or pineapple on pizza is icky. I have tried. I deny from experience. 

Fun fact: The number comes up as originating from parts of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties, all in California's Central Coast region. The Teen Vogue article references a Twitter post that shows a Surfer Boy frozen pizza that comes from Walmart.

All the varieties listed appear to be sold out on Walmart's website. I am a little horrified to report there was a version with pineapple and jalapenos. In the tweet's picture, you can see a glasses shape you can cut out, next to Argyle on the box. In the episode, the light-blocking eye coverings Eleven wore in her makeshift pizza place sensory deprivation tank were made from a pizza box. 

If you happen to go to your local Walmart and try this, please do let us know. As they say on the box, it looks like a "rad flavor adventure."