Cool Stuff: The Complete Mothra Soundtrack Takes Flight For The First Time Ever On Vinyl

Last year, Waxwork Records delivered an incredible kaiju-sized collection of vinyl soundtracks honoring Japan's Showa era of the one and only "Godzilla." This year, it's fellow movie monster "Mothra" who is getting the vinyl soundtrack treatment.

Waxwork Records has announced the release of the original 1961 score for "Mothra," composed by Yūjui Koseki, available in its entirety on vinyl for the first time ever. Not only does the vinyl release come with a pair of vibrant colored LPs, but the phenomenal artwork by famed artist and illustrator Yuko Shimizu makes this an absolute must-have for both vinyl collectors and kaiju fans. Check out the "Mothra" vinyl soundtrack in all its glory below, and find out when you can get it.

The God of Infant Island

"Mothra" introduced the world to the Queen of the Monsters, and from then on, she would feature in many of TOHO's kaiju movies. In fact, Mothra is second only to Godzilla in her number of big screen appearances. Unlike many of the destructive monsters on kaiju movies over the years, Mothra protects her people as the God of Infant Island, and she can be summoned for help by way of a psychic connection to two human twins known as the Shobijin, played by Yumi & Emi Ito in the film. When the twins are threatened, Mothra flies into action.

Waxwork Records notes in their press release for the "Mothra" soundtrack:

"The score by Yūjui Koseki features booming orchestral pieces that accompany Mothra in her mission to protect her people countered by waves of clairvoyant and electronically performed compositions including sci-fi sound effects. Sprinkled throughout the score, The Peanuts sing ballads to their beloved winged Kaiju, recognized by their iconic vocal doubling."

The vinyl "Mothra" soundtrack comes packaged as a deluxe double LP on 180 gram colored vinyl. The heavyweight gatefold jacket features the incredible art by Yuko Shimizu with a matte satin coating, and within you'll also find a 12"x12" art print. All of this can be yours for the price of $40 through the Waxwork Records online shop, where it's available to order right now. Enjoy!