Titanic Is Coming Back To Theaters Valentine's Day 2023, So Prepare Your Door Arguments Now

It looks like "Titanic" is the latest film to get the big-screen 3D remaster treatment. We've heard that "Jaws" will be hitting IMAX screens this September in a post-converted 3D experience and "ET" will also be re-released, although not in 3D.

Deadline reports that the aim is for "Titanic" to hit screens next Valentine's day in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary. Not so coincidentally, this is just a couple of months after the release of James Cameron's "Avatar" sequel, which will be utilizing much of the same projection tech.

This "Titanic" re-release will screen in 3D 4K HDR and high frame rate (HFR). In theory, HFR is easier on the eyes when it comes to 3D, which can cause significant strain, especially during a long movie like "Titanic." I will never personally be a fan of HFR since it looks like your grandparent's TV because they don't know how to turn motion smoothing off, but it seems like an HFR version will be available in this re-release.

Disney has international rights and has set an international release date for February 10, 2023. Paramount has U.S. theatrical distribution rights and is expected to set a U.S. release date around then as well.

Is 3D making a comeback?

Now, this isn't the first time Cameron has re-released a 3D version of "Titanic." They did that in 2012, kind of when all the "Avatar" 3D craze was dying out, but it does seem that we're in a new upswing for 3D in the theater. "Avatar" is getting a 3D re-release ahead of the sequel coming out. "Jaws" is getting a 3D re-release, as previously mentioned. The question is: Will 3D make a real comeback or is this just something James Cameron has latched on to and won't let go of?

3D has always been boom or bust. Its surges in popularity are usually around the times when people want big escapist blockbusters and an event to pull them off their couches. The 1950s saw a boom of 3D popularity in the wake of everybody having TV sets at home, the 1980s also saw a resurgence in an age when VCRs gave viewers more control than they've ever had before and then the boom in the aughts happened right when the great recession hit. 

Maybe in a post-lockdown world, the chemistry is right for 3D to make a comeback, but I'd think it would be brand new films that would drive that demand more than re-releases of older, popular movies. 

I'm hoping that "Titanic" getting the remaster treatment is a clue that we'll be getting more of James Cameron's filmography remastered in 4K down the line. We're looking at you "The Abyss" and "True Lies." I'm happy to get a second remaster of "Titanic," but I'll be even happier if I can finally luxuriate in the deep sea blues of "The Abyss" on my 4K TV.