Not Okay Trailer: Dylan O'Brien And Zoey Deutch Star In Influencer Culture Satire

Dylan O'Brien may not be reprising the role of Stiles Stilinski in the "Teen Wolf" movie this year, but that doesn't mean he won't be popping up on our TV screens soon. The actor is set to star alongside "Set It Up" star Zoey Deutch in Quinn Shephard's satire "Not Okay," which will premiere exclusively on Hulu in July.

The movie follows Danni Sanders (Deutch), an aspiring writer going through a period of arrested development. When Danni decides to fake a trip to Paris in an attempt to gain Instagram clout, she winds up in the middle of a huge lie that casts her as a public hero. Along the way, she meets school shooting survivor and activist Rowan (Mia Isaac, "Don't Make Me Go") and connects with her dream guy, Colin (O'Brien). Danni also gains a growing audience of followers, but life as an influencer turns out to be more complicated than she may have imagined. 

Watch the full trailer below.

O'Brien and Deutch are going full influencer

Searchlight's satirical comedy-drama comes from Quinn Shephard, the actress, writer, and filmmaker behind the 2017 film "Blame." Shephard's directorial debut also told the story of an ethically fraught public lie, following the saga of two students (Shephard and Nadia Alexander) and the substitute teacher (Chris Messina) who ends up entangled in their lives. While that was an intense psychological drama, "Not Okay" looks like it's going to ratchet up the levity with its extended take on influencer culture.

It also looks like a whole new turn for O'Brien, who replaces his typical affable everyman persona with a bleach-blonde hairdo, dozens of fake tattoos, and an impressively ridiculous blunt. Physically, his character looks a little bit like a Pete Davidson or Machine Gun Kelly type, a far cry from his roles in films like "The Maze Runner" and "Love & Monsters."

"Not Okay" is actually one of several satirical send-ups of modern young adult life making the rounds in 2022. "Bodies Bodies Bodies," an A24 slasher satire about a group of annoying Zoomers getting murdered at a party, is set to release on August 5. Meanwhile, "Emergency," now on Prime Video, follows two Black college students as they attempt to complete a frat party tour without being subjected to police violence. Despite being comedies, all of these films about 20-somethings include surprisingly bold and dark plot points. We'll find out how well "Not Okay" balances its drama and comedy when it debuts exclusively on Hulu on July 29, 2022.